The Story I Wanna Tell Today Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

The Story I Wanna Tell Today

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Paris, Rome and Barcelona
I am constantly alone

chatting in the Bois Boulogne
or conversing modern art in Cologne

close to the Rhine
how fine,
how fine!

but I must go back to my hotel
Oops, well-well

constantly alone
I'm not complaining
I just have a sadder tone
and I am oft all alone

to other passionate places
I have been
so many idyllic landscapes
and scenes to be seen

Niagara falls,
in the province of Ontario
most stunning and sweetest

accessible via the North American town called Buffalo

accompanied by the driver,
I had to hurry
that's why I lost my sunglasses

to the Canadian world famous
God's Wonder the Niagara Falls

had to buy a gossamer raincoat for one dollar

through the finest generous splashes
I just get wet through and through
before I realize,

next time it will be Mumbai
the beautiful megacity in the eastern hemisphere

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
AD. Sat 2/20-21

Because the curfew is prolonged, I write more story-poems from yore when I had not felt yet God's presence as closest as today. To know and feel that God is standing beside me, of course I have to learn too, I had not got within a day! No, on the contrary, I had to learn and wait for all the easiest things, as I experience today: His great Blessings each day anew, His constant talking to me, I can say today I am having that now, but not in times of yore, a learning process but I always do my utmost best, now I am thinking of all my traveling world wide, which town or city or country first, I try to tell it in verse with a bit of rhyme and tune.Next time I'll tel you about Mumbai and the rest Thank you for reading and for your comment of course.Written with love and greatest care, Sylvia Frances Chan from The Netherlands Tuesday 23-02-21
Deluke Muwanigwa 23 February 2021

Nice poem. Dont forget the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe......enjoy your poetry and lovely tours.

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Chris Beasley 23 February 2021

To travel in the mind there is no danger.

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Kim Barney 25 February 2021

Sounds like a fun tour! I have been to Niagara Falls but the fall very short of the wonder and size of the Falls of Iguassu between Argentina and Brazil!

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Varsha M 24 February 2021

Ma'am most welcome to amchi mumbai. It's eagerly waiting to see your glorious chatm and sweet memories you capture and preserve for generations

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 24 February 2021

I have travelled a couple of times, along the Rhine river in Germany. Its like a fairy tale. So beautiful

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 24 February 2021

But as Poet Chris Beasley says, right now, we can only travel through our imagination.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 24 February 2021

Wow! Sylvia, my dearest friend, just like you, i too, love travelling round the world.

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