The Sun By Amy Boothby - Age 10 Years Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Sun By Amy Boothby - Age 10 Years

Rating: 4.9

The sun is a beach ball covered in sand,
Warming up this little land.
It's been kicked into the blue sky,
By a boy on the beach, that kicked it too high.
It races you home, wherever you may be,
Who will win, you'll have to wait and see.

Uriah Hamilton 22 November 2005

Another sweet poem, the whole beach scene is charming!

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Ghada Shahbender 22 November 2005

A Message to Amy: Over the sea the ball has travelled And on the shores of Egypt it has landed Raa was his name in ancient days And on the Nile's waters is where He stays.

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Kim Barney 14 June 2017

Great poem, Ernestine. Is Amy your granddaughter? Since this was posted over 11 years ago, she must be 21 by now. What is she doing? Probably married with a prodigy child of her own.

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Duncan Wyllie 19 April 2006

The only question here is WHY! had I not seen this before? , What an amazing poem, If you see Amy, Ernestine will you please tell her thankyou so much and you are so wonderful, Love DuncanX

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David Darbyshire 23 November 2005

Nice little poem darling have FUN Dave xx I wrote this for you: Tulips The Nederland's Under sea Level Lots of Bulbs I Love red Twolips People in Clogs Sometimes Sunny

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Joseph Daly 22 November 2005

Okay Erestine are you setting up familial competition here? Because I genuenly like this. The flow, the image, everything. God how it hurts me to say this but perhaps we should listen to kids more. Give Amy my best and congratulate her on a marvellous piece and under no circumstances should she stop writing or I'll compose a nasty limerick about her (Ha!) . Warmest regards Denis Joe

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 22 November 2005

hey, this was really cute. kudos, kiddo! Jake

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