The Train To Hell Poem by Valerie Dohren

The Train To Hell

Rating: 5.0

I caught the train to Hell today
A dark and bumpy ride
So many souls were huddled there
Full packed it was inside

With men and women, children too,
It was a great surprise
So many people that I knew
Were set before my eyes

The train, it trundled `long the track
All screeching at a pace
No way was there to send it back
`Twas writ` on every face

Their misdemeanours were all marked
Wrapped up and fully bagged
By Hell`s own wardens they were kept
And prop`ly neatly tagged:

Old Freddie boy who shot his wife
'Because she gave me so much strife'
And little Johnny (heard his cries)
Because he plucked the wings off flies

O then there was that sad old dame
Who spent her whole life on the game
Old Joshua, without remorse,
Had cru`lly battered his old horse

With head in hands, a guy called Frank
Had meanly robbed a village bank
And then a pensioner he mugged
Because, he said, that he was drugged

And then there`s me, O such a crime,
I wrote a verse that didn`t rhyme
And furthermore, I don`t see fit,
The rest of it I should admit

Clickety-click along the lines
Still puffing out its steam
That poor old train came to a halt
Thank God, `twas just a dream! !

Constance K Yost 02 September 2012

Thank God! I love the playfulness of this one-wonderful!

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Valsa George 02 September 2012

Oh! Val, this is too much! ! Though it is to Hell, what a jolly ride! ! Enjoyed every line of it! !

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Payal Parande 02 September 2012

a brilliant poem from a brilliant poet...a phenomenal write mam just stunning piece want to say more but no matter what i will say it would be less so in one word just....perfect....... and i am pretty sure the life you are living is heaven and you are its angel cause you are sure a angel of poets world..... thank you for sharing love, payal

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Robert Green 02 September 2012

ROTFLMAO wonderful Val :)

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Marites C. Cayetano 03 September 2012

So nice, I like the flow....

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Shaun Cronick 17 July 2020

Another beautifully rhymed and presented poem to enjoy. What more is there to say except thank you Valerie. Take care and I wish you well.

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B.Peterson 29 June 2020

It is great. Excellent rhyming and format.

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Dee Corpolongo 09 September 2012

This here I think, is a great dream/nightmare poem! I loved it. and, all I can say is excellent!

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Smoky Hoss 07 September 2012

An amazing ride, journey and poem!

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Crimson Soul 06 September 2012

a suggestion is-to make things real and lifelike-focus on the Possessions. it creates the scene better and mood enhancements are so much easier. It even makes the character develop. talk about fredys gun, or even the train after mentioning the conductor. but it is a very good poem ^^

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