The Wandering Gypsy Poem by Freespirit Juneja

The Wandering Gypsy

Rating: 4.5

The Wandering Gypsy

Looking at the prop roots of Banyan
Immense hold of its territory
Felt like a kicked can
No permanent place to stay
No place to keep as confined identity
I feel myself like the wandering gypsy

Run daily to a new direction
Learn life's truths
Keep false notions as fictions
No place to hold myself
My Life has turned topsy turvy
I only feel myself as the wandering gypsy

Everyday, a new place to be explored
a new commitments to be laid
a new religion to be imbibed
Failing which I've no place to hide
Thrown away like a Frisbee
I'm no less than the wandering gypsy

Life's fashion reached standstill
Luggage bag can't hold the cloth hill
My loved ones shoved away
Communication died on the way
Jumping like an obedient monkey
I feel myself as the wandering gypsy

Unaware of my final destination
Life turned into a unique animation
Cry to god to curtail this journey
Transform me to a settled man
Seems I'm burning my skin
Rather getting tanned
As it's just the beginning of the long journey
Need to run for long as the wandering gypsy
Freespirit Juneja

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: life
It's about the continuous journey of man's life and his quest for stability
Tom Higgins 06 April 2012

Moving around a bit enhances life's experiences and it certainly expands the mind! Gives you more material to write about in the future. Nice poem, keep up the good work!

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Hassan Adan 07 April 2012

Great poem and very enriching with detail and description

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Anubhuti Modi 07 April 2012

It's really beautiful

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Ashleigh Mellon 08 April 2012

I agree, A Beautiful peice of poetry, Freespirit.... Love it, keep it up!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 11 April 2012

I agree with sanu... you are a modern man.

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Fico Espiritu 20 September 2012

A good poem. Very nice comparison.

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Kayode Orogbemi 09 May 2012

Ur poem was gud bro...only dat it dearths figures of speech and mostly its realy poetic..kip d lyts on. i love it.

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Yosra Baidi 03 May 2012

welll it's not complement but i'm speechless this poem is very expressive, it anouces the inner of the poet as aimless or lost in the road where no guide is there to follow and reach his goal, this reminds me of a novel i read entiteled the sun also rises by Earnest hemingway in which the major theme is LOSS refering to the Lost Generation, and i like most the metaphores used such as the wandering gypsy and others, this concerning to component, on the other hand, i want to comment on the form which is free versed poem but it contains certain regularity and musical devices and that's what i liked most cause i felt as if reading a lyrical poem. thank you for messaging me. hope you keep me up dated with your news and i hpe also that you have a look at my poems

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Guess Who 01 May 2012

Nice poem nicely expressed i love it .......... Good luck with your poems Guess WWho

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Marissa Ford 25 April 2012

Loved it! ! I totally feel it! ! i even feel like this sometimes.

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