Your Beautiful Smile Poem by Freespirit Juneja

Your Beautiful Smile

Rating: 4.2

Your Beautiful Smile

Life is a mystical winding
Woven around happy and sad things
It flows like ripples of water
Turned me into perpetual carter
Mirth & peace play games of guile
But I never realized
It's next to me, your beautiful smile

Rarely, blink my eye on odd notion
Life's filled with dreary commotion
Whole year seems concised in a day
My own shadow made me partying bay
Happiness seemed to be so labile
But I never realized,
It's always next to me, your beautiful smile

The Smile
Beautifully unzips around your face
Annihilate griefs without trace
Arouse me to pinnacle of elation
Embraces me this beautiful creation
Melodramatic life made me fragile
Protected and cared by your beautiful smile

Freespirit Juneja

1st Stanza Life has made the poet so busy that he has forgotten the happiness of his love/ mate 's is next to him of his love/ mate 's

2nd stanza the loneliness has become the friend of the poet and he has forgotten that his happiness is next to him

3rd stanza describes the beauty of the smile and the magic power it confers
Romeo Della Valle 22 April 2012

A reservoir of beautiful and moving words that magically dance in every line of this touching write bringing harmony to the entire script! Well crafted with rich imagery! Wisdom is filtered through your magic pen! 10+++ Thank you for sharing once again and keep it up, young man! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Parithi Muthurasan 17 April 2012

The melodramatic life has made me fragile Only to be protected and cared by your beautiful smile...........the power of smiling expressed in your poem thanks........parithi

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Ramesh T A 18 April 2012

A smile that wins the heart is wonderful sign of love to be worshiped!

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Unwritten Soul 18 April 2012

Beautiful smile, A beautiful heaven craft was made Eternally touch your innocent face Shining my darkness like a moon at night Warm like every second hit by the day sunlight Beautiful smile easy to give but hard to keep When you feel bad just a smile because it a sign of a heaven made .....that is my version :) LOL credit for you as the owner of the original idea_Unwritten Soul

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Brianna Winebarger 20 April 2012

I smile everytime i read this......really sweet....fantastic..

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Ankita Verma 17 September 2012

its really nice poem

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Guess Who 12 June 2012

Nice poem i love it well expressed and simply EXCELLENT.......... Guess Who

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Urshula Davis 07 June 2012

This rocks! Wow how beautiful! I enjoyed the read!

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Adam Lally 06 June 2012

hey, nice poem, some really great imagery! there are some polysyllabic words that felt a bit out of place but maybe thats just me: D keep it up

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Renu Kakkar 06 June 2012

A beautifully written poem....i enjoyed reading it

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