*thiruvalluvar - An Universal Poet Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

*thiruvalluvar - An Universal Poet

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You can see him standing tall a statue
amidst the sea in kanyakumari
right at the bottom of india
He was a poet who wrote short verses
just two lines was his verse
four words in the first..three in the next..and
that was his format

Some say he is younger
some say he is older
to Christ
his poems remind you of christ
for instance...
'ennar seitharaei oruthar avarnana
nannayam seidhu vidu'
[ if a person does a bad to you..ashame him by doing a good to him]
just like getting slapped on both cheeks..to
awaken the doers conscience

'anbillar aellam thamakuriyar aanbudiar
aendrum ooriyar pirariku'
[a person without love is to himself
a person with love belongs to others]

'theeyinal suttapun ullarum aradhai
navinal sutta vadu'
[ a wound inflicted by a flame would heal from within
a wound inflicted by a word would'nt heal for good]

'kullal inidhu yalinidhu aembhar tham
mazhalai sol kelaathavar'
[ only a person who has'nt listened to his siblings baby talk
would praise the flute and veena for its sweetness]

THIRUVALLUVAR was a rare poet
one of his sort
at a very early part
he never made a mention
of any religion or nation
in any of his creation
he was not made a cult
should thank god for that

his work 'THIRUKURAL' is only second to the bible in translation.
this years oscar winner fr music A.R.RAHMAN is currently doing an album on 'thirukural'

Vaibhav Pandey 13 March 2009

great verses from this great poet I must say...so beautiful and full of wisdom...thank you for translating these verses in english...very good..10

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Chitra - 13 March 2009

thank you for sharing this profound piece...a wonderful tribute

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Naidz Ladia 13 March 2009

this poem tells the information about that universal poet...and with these lines, i know who is he and his works...if all people follows his words, there maybe no wars between countries...cheers naizz

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Barry A. Lanier 13 March 2009

Thanks for sharing this most creative and chosen poet from the past...I will research his poetry and writings...

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Catrina Heart 13 March 2009

A stunning informative creation...beautiful tribute to the great universal poet. Now I know why Indians are great in poetry writing.....10++++++++

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Kalyani Rajalingham 24 March 2009

Very educational! Integrating his quotes in your poem was a spectacular idea!

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Sandra Fowler 20 March 2009

Thiruvalluvar sounds like a rare poet indeed. By our words we live; by our words we survive. Fascinating information. Warm regards, Sandra

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Ken E Hall 18 March 2009

Must read this mans work thanks for the info..a universal poet luvli tribute to his work regards

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Sandhya S N 15 March 2009

Sir, I liked the poem. I saw Thiruvalluvar when I came to Kanyakumari. I think the effort will make the poet known to many forigners through Poem hunter

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Indira Renganathan 15 March 2009

I feel proud of you dear friend...just go on with this...soon I too shall try to follow...congratulations

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