Through Nature's Window Poem by Hazel Durham

Through Nature's Window

Rating: 4.8

Bluebells flaunting themselves from the undergrowth of the deep forest,
Cool, shady allure like their birth so pure,
As the trees flirt with the ever changing skies,
Truth flourishes here as nature never lies.

He belongs to it's secrets cherished in its mighty fold,
With his blue, defiant eyes so steely and bold,
He roams with vigour,
At times he desires to be alone

In the depths of the cool, green shade,
The bluebells are a vision of true beauty,
A sign that nature never fades or dies.
His memories are ingrained

Of his heroine, his guide,
Comfort was in her sweet, scent embrace,
Now he is seeking the kindness and love that glowed on her face,
He relishes the precious bond between mother and son,

Never to be broken or forsaken,
His mother's eyes was like the colour of the bluebells,
Now she resides in her heavenly glade,
Soft, blue colour just soothes his nerves on his way,

He wanders down to the river and wades,
Into it's shallow end to cast his fishing line,
Nature has the answers to his secrets,
Of his terrible pain, that makes him feel far from sane,

Commitment is a road he never travels,
Wild, free he is part of nature's breeze,
As his heart always freezes,
Lust is his quick fix of gratification,

He is a storyteller to keep his lovers at a distance,
His party piece is his solo dance.
The bluebells of the forest,
Comfort him,

Befriend him,
Love him,
Without needing ownership,
With his trembling lips

As he feels his mother's love,
Through nature's window,
Her bouncing brown tresses,
Tied up with her beautiful satin bows,

Her love sows,
His bounty of contentment,
As he dances with his mother,
On the forest floor of life,

The glade of bluebells sway in nature's breeze.

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Daniel Brick 13 October 2014

Hello Hazel You have created a mythic poem with the larger-than-life character of the man, the mother whose memory envelops him and Mother Nature who looms even larger over both their lives. The relationship between a mother and her son can be very complex, and shape forever her son's way of life. I don't think this man can wrap his mind around their relationship as human beings; his mother has become a goddess figure to him, she is Nature and nourishes him in abiding ways. He is independent of every other human being except her. I love the difference in scale between this would giant of the Earth and the bluebells which become symbolic of his life and being. They are a sign, not proof which entail details, that he has multiple dimensions within and the capability to be different from what he has become. But who would want him to change? He is a figure of mythic stature, a man like Antaeus who gains his strength by his primal connections to his human mother and World Mother.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 13 October 2014

Images like broken mirror so nice so beautiful thank for sharing kudos

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 13 October 2014

Great imagery of bluebells, one amongst many of Nature's beauties so delicately crafted with amazing words..... Hazel.......simply phenomenal write

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Mark Heathcote 18 October 2014

This is a lovely nature write; I enjoyed this read thanks for sharing it.

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Akhtar Jawad 22 October 2014

Imagining bluebells as a blue-blood child of nature and dancing on the blues of her mother has made this poem a blue diamond and the poetess appears a blue stocking. What a lovely poem! ..............10

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Spock The Vegan 16 June 2016

The bluebells of the forest, Comfort him Enchanting poem - I can almost believe I am there in the forest.

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Dr Antony Theodore 25 August 2015

Her love sows, His bounty of contentment, As he dances with his mother, On the forest floor of life, love of the Son and a Mother, nature. mother'love through nature's door.. they are all original thoughts dear Poetess. Thank you

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Nature comes alive in this captivating composition!

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Valsa George 19 May 2015

Lovely.... the story of a son who loves his mother so dearly that he is reminded of her by all the beautiful things of Nature..... Even the blue colour of his mother's eyes, he sees in the blue bells flaunting themselves from the undergrowth! This son who sees his mother's love through Nature's window is an arresting picture !

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Ken E Hall 02 May 2015

Wow lovely original thoughts in this poem a beauty that shouts from the forest floor...thanks for a joy to read thru natures window...regards

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