Tiger Poem by Ernestine Northover


Rating: 4.4

Tiger with coat of dissimilar stripes,
When he’s angry, tiger swipes,
Tiger cautious, guarding his lair,
Danger lurking, tiger aware.

Tiger hungry so he hunts,
Facing quarry, tiger confronts.
Tiger waiting, being sly,
Undercover, no tiger espy.

Tiger detects, now he purrs,
Hunger pangs, tiger stirs.
Tiger quick, must now surprise,
Here we have one tiger, wise.

Tiger from his throat he roars,
Stretching out those tiger claws.
Tiger moving, stealthy pelt,
Expiration, by tiger dealt.

Tiger now with belly filled,
Anger passed, one tiger stilled.
Tiger sleeping, with the Pride,
Craving gone, tiger satisfied.

Tiger such a majestic sight,
Near extinction, tiger fight.
Tiger beautiful and fine,
You’re such a leonine feline.

Tiger we must have respect, ,
For your great tiger intellect.

Scarlett Treat 27 June 2007

I am fascinated by how well 'Tiger' disappears into the jungle...on such hugh padded feet, and yet worried that someday, they will disappear forever, except maybe trapped in a 4x6' cage at a zoo, being stared at...

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Marci Made 26 June 2007

Well I love cats but your write on tigers is spot on...In the beginning I thought it was going to be about the Mother tiger protecting her newborns in their lair...Such a different and appealing poem....thanks for writing this one...........marci. :) xo

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Patricia Gale 26 June 2007

Creatures of beauty and danger... well portrayed Ernestine!

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Goldy Locks 26 June 2007

hi Dudette. not a massive fan of rhyming, these days, but you pull it together so well. great flauntation. undeniable. keep on, sjg

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Bri Edwards 11 February 2013

i do like this quite a bit. a nice storytelling. but i have two comments about the use of two words. you write Pride.....do you mean the state of being proud? or a group of tigers........because i have heard of a pride of lions but not a pride of tigers or any other animal. also, you use leonine which i thought would just refer to lions, but i DO see that it can refer to a lion-like animal/thing. thanks for sharing.

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Tarun Yadav 14 July 2009

it's.amazing The poet has very in tellgently done this work.very good she is a good poet but not betterthan Rl Stevenson

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Maximilian Beggel 05 February 2008

Simple to understand and its still striking Keep it up Ernestine, Max

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Alison Cassidy 26 September 2007

'Tiger tiger burning bright in the forests of the night what immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry.' Ernestine, Blake must have felt the same fascination as you have expressed so well in this superb poem. You have captured your tiger's rage and his grace in this wonderful work. love, Allie xxxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 04 August 2007

Great strength in words and nature, you express them well.. Thankyou again Ernestine for a strong piece Love duncan X

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