Time And Distance Poem by Catrina Heart

Time And Distance

Rating: 3.4

Time has always something to play for fate
Destiny’s hands shows the right chosen way
When to let go, when to cut loose in its rhyme
He has the final say to our paths in time

To what so ever draws in our soft palms
My love will perpetually be true to your heart
Time is passing by, something we can’t undermine
Time travels without a pause to croon its chant

Even distances cuddle us, meddling in our affairs
my love will forever remain to see your smiling face
I’ll be your shinning star, your guiding light
Watching you from the distance, day and night

For my love is here, no matter what you do
I shall be here by your side, loving you
We will always be each in others hearts
Even if the oceans divide us apart

Even distance has been a thorn in our lives
Whiles love is the rose that bonded our hearts
our lips pine for each others touch
promise, the oceans will not blow away our love

Our hands long to be hand in hand
Our hearts yearn to live entwine
For the rest of our lives
Oh I pray one day fate delivers you into my arms

co- written piece by: Eyan Desir

6th of November,2009

Lady Grace 05 November 2009

time and distance are not the hindrance for your true love expressed here nomatter how far, ...he knows nomatter how difficult, ..he'll come...

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 06 November 2009

I pray one day fate delivers you into my arms how sweet this line is to read! shan

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Eyan Desir 05 November 2009

Well a very romantic Poem Lady Catrina very touching.. Heartfelt wow...very beautiful Good job..

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Carol Gall 05 November 2009

lovely catrina loves promise 10

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Walter Sanson Lotilla 13 March 2017

Time waits for no one... but love will... entwined to one's heart forever. God bless you dear Heart... my friend

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Souren Mondal 11 March 2016

A beautiful poem.... Thank you.....

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Ency Bearis 11 November 2009

A very passionate poem...touched my heart....10

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Daniel Kempson 06 November 2009

Heart by name heart by nature this so good may your wishes come true 10 Daniel

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Kesav Easwaran 06 November 2009

good co-written piece, Catrina Heart...a poem off your heart!

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