Twilight Sky Poem by Catrina Heart

Twilight Sky

Rating: 3.2

Stars in the candle light, dined
Swallowed fires on solitary twilight sky
My eyes asked and dreamt
Under the smoke of star studded night
What happened to those times?
Those moments written on the sand?
Was it turned to ash and joined the dust?
Was it washed away by the kiss of distrust?
Wasted dew drops evaporated on the garden
Of never, O never, never land

3rd Of December,2009

Ramesh T A 03 December 2009

A feeling unbearable reveals itself in verse touching the readers!

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Miriam Maia Padua 03 December 2009

glittering like the stars in the sky... glistening under the smoke of the star studded night you write with great impact..... sad but still it glistened with beauty touching.....really touching.... my friend, you have that silent river touch...(smile) 10+++ Lovelots, Maia

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fleur de lys 15 December 2009

You convey the feeling of pain so eloquently, the same feeling which echoes in my heart. The last line is so moving.

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Ken E Hall 09 December 2009

A candlelight piece in twilight, distrust in never land a sad tale by an expert story teller...very appealing write I can feel it+++++10 regards

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Prashant Shaurya 09 December 2009

indeed very touching.. you write with an effect.. the words create a brilliant picture.. regards prashant

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Ency Bearis 04 December 2009

the unreachable star...glitters in sky to be adored...a metaphor in poetic cogitations...a brilliant piece written....10

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Eyan Desir 03 December 2009

This lady is a genius! ! Excellent poetic line A fine piece to ponder on..... When you publish your book Please give me one..... Keep it up C.T...

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