To A Certain Poetess Poem by Cia Frizzell

To A Certain Poetess

Rating: 4.1

reading your self-aggrandizing scribblings
i realize that even though
your ego is the size of a planet
there might, just might, be somebody in there
here's hoping you find her some day

Michael Fischer 19 April 2007

Good poem! Good you of language and well written! -Michael

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Not a member No 4 19 April 2007

Is this a giant gas planet perchance? A generous thought at heart in a very disciplined package! ! What was it that Connor McLeod of the Clan McLeod, of Glenfinnan born in 1514 approximately, famously said, several times? You help keep it spinning Cia. This kind of stuff brings PH to life. Thanks, jim.

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Ashley S 19 April 2007

I love the way Cia get's her point accross in a wonderfully powerful, subtle way. It speaks volumes Cia, as do all of your poems. Who says you need afour page poems to get your point accross? ! Ashley

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Danny Reynolds 20 April 2007

That would assume she is not too preoccupied with the outside, to bother looking in! Nice work Cia. Danny; ¬)

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alice sunderland 26 April 2007

i dont know who..... but i agree most strongly! nice one cia.

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James B. Earley 04 May 2008

Elvis Presley may have had you in mind, when recording 'Don't Be Cruel To A Heart That's True.' I do believe 'poetry is the window to the soul, ' regardless how obnoxious! That said, 'To A Certain Poetess' is absolutely brilliant.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 14 March 2008

that ego happens to happen just lying flat by that day...........supeb poem, as i admire by ur imagery as luscious yet, great write,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Alison Cassidy 05 August 2007

Like the touch of compassion in this acerbic critique. Truth penned with economy and a quiet brilliance. Excellent piece. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Elysabeth Faslund 05 July 2007

Although it's been a few hectic days, now in the past...I do believe there's a tad of good in everyone. Maybe just a sliver in some, but it's there. Galaxy-huge that's a whole different problem. All-in-all? You're certainly right on this one. Big, lovely written, truth. Good! xxElysabeth

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Chris Mendros 19 May 2007

i know, i know! But if you ask me, i won't tell. Nice work.

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