Cia Frizzell Poems

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About Love

when i was a child i did not name things i loved
'this is my favorite marble'
would always lead to somebody asking for it in a game of keeps

A Love Poem

Instead of cleverly manipulating language
Just these words for you, my darling

I am.

Remembering Him

'you kiss me like you really mean it',
he told me once,
not as a compliment, more of an accusation.

After All Is Said And Done

eventually, you will reach the point
where there aren't even memories
just memories of memories
of things that seemed so important at the time

Not A Haiku

Everything Is Beauty

she sees beauty in everything

the abandoned factory with its broken windows
telling stories about times gone by

Juke Box 1981

the junkies always picked queen and bowie - 'under pressure'
and the gi's chose 'take me home country roads'
as for me, i don't remember what my favorite was that year
probably something german and girly


i took apart a watch
and found, studying the pieces
that time wasn't in there

To A Certain Poetess

reading your self-aggrandizing scribblings
i realize that even though
your ego is the size of a planet
there might, just might, be somebody in there

This Is The Day

no particular reason, no explanation
you just find yourself suddenly happy
without the need to question it
getting lost in the sensation of wanting to hug the whole world

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