After All Is Said And Done Poem by Cia Frizzell

After All Is Said And Done

Rating: 4.1

eventually, you will reach the point
where there aren't even memories
just memories of memories
of things that seemed so important at the time
and it really makes you wonder
why they ever even mattered at all

Jerry Hughes 03 January 2007

...cynical, but abso-bloody-lutely factual

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A little gem of wisdom... I absolutely hope that you are right. t x

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kskdnj sajn 23 February 2007

Very insightful. Nature has an amazing way of healing the human heart. :)

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Not a member No 4 23 February 2007

Hey you, if life matters! Yeah, you're right though, and the prospect terrifies me. They are some of the finest things I possess, and when that stage is reached -and it will be - then it will be a sorry time - but I might be too dumb to care then! ! This is a bottomless pit of a poem Cia, and insightful and poetic as always. xx jim

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Ivor Hogg 30 March 2007

DEmentia is my greatest fear.To lose even memories of who I am and exist trapped in a decaying body mindless is my idea of hell

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Bill Thomas 23 May 2008

Mmmmm, agreed - when the memories become more important than what actually happened we enter a kind of confectioner's eternity, with icing on the bits special to us which others wouldn't remember at all, or perhaps as something ordinary. Bad memories, of course, are something else, & also something the same, becoming part of th enegative muzak in our heads.... bravo!

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Cece Lamberts 16 September 2007

This is so true, Cia. I'm really happy to see that it's not just me obsessing over people and situations that later on seem so small and so not worthy of my feelings or my energy. You really spoke my mind with this one. CeCe

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Thufail Ahmed 11 July 2007

Very well. Point taken! ! ! !

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Elysabeth Faslund 07 July 2007

Absolutely brilliant in it's twist, catching you by surprise! ! Great! xxElysabeth

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Alison Cassidy 30 June 2007

There is something very Zen about this piece, and yet it has a melancholic edge which humanizes it and enriches its emotional impact. You have an uncanny knack of conveying truth in the fewest possible words. Quite a gift. Perhaps you knew Confucius in another lifetime? love, Allie xxxx

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