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Jerry Hughes 09 January 2007

Cia, you bring us freshness and honesty, more please, much more. Fondly, Jerry

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Not a member No 4 07 January 2007

Cia, you are definitely one of the rising stars on this site. One to watch out for right from the word go. Razor sharp intellect and a no nonsense approach with high quality innate and conscious poetic abilities. I look forward to reading all of your work. I also agree with all of Metamorphhh's comments on this occasion. Rather than waste your time on my work, spend it reading the other real talents on the site. Try to make sense of and marvel at Tailor Bell et al. (And no quid pro quo here! !) . Love your work. Pse stick with it. x jim

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The Best Poem Of Cia Frizzell

About Love

when i was a child i did not name things i loved
'this is my favorite marble'
would always lead to somebody asking for it in a game of keeps

when i was a teenager i did not name boys i loved
because then my best friend would want them
and she always got what she wanted

when i was a woman i shouted my love from the rooftops
and felt foolish when it went away

now that i'm older i no longer have to name it
it's love all the same

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Cia Frizzell Popularity

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