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To My Elder Son (Deliverance)

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The spring dawned after the biting chill,
Beams of sunlight filtered down,
Flakes of snow melted away,
And the whole world bathed in brilliant glow.

He came,
The dainty Darling of our dreams!
With promises full and hopes in store,
To fill the void,
within our souls.

To burst the silence,
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Akhtar Jawad 28 June 2014

A woman is completed when she becomes a mother, and this poem from you is from a complete creator.

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Bri Edwards 08 September 2013

valsa, gee, you really felt ALL that? wow. maybe i missed something by being born a man! I guess the elder son need not be jealous of the poem you wrote about the younger son: To My Younger Son. i don't want to spoil you, but i'll send this on also to MyPoemList. thanks for sharing. bri

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Dinesan Madathil 08 September 2013

The birth of your elder son was a much awaited one and he has now filled your hearts with immense joy. This poem weaves a magical net around us and I am sure any mother awaiting the birth of of the new one will rejoice at it and any mother who does not have one one will grieve a lot. And be a proud mother ever...

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Nosheen Irfan 05 February 2016

Full of motherly affection n tenderness. Simply sublime. A class work.10

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Joseph Anderson 24 August 2012

You have captured your rapture in this beautifully moving poem.It certainly was touching, sort of gave a feeling of joy- motherhood, nothing so precious

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 June 2019

I peered into that cute little face, The face I had long fondled in my dreams, I whirled in the feel of prime feed, And swam in the glory of maternal bliss! ........outstanding conceptualization. A beautiful poem is brilliantly shared.10

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Robert Murray Smith 17 July 2018

Maternal bliss is beautifully described within the framework of nature. Ourmain reason for being as humans is to reproduce, or to play our part in society to benefit those that do. We are part of the whole from the first humans to the last.++10

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Glen Kappy 03 October 2017

I have two sons, Valsa, and the older of the two, now forty, is more distant in feeling from us than we'd like. Some of this has to do with mistakes in raising him we realize now and for which we've apologized. We meant well, but had bad models. Your poem reminds me of what I know and what I'm convinced what must be lodged somewhere in his heart- we loved him- imperfectly, but we loved him. -Glen

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Upendra Upm 08 August 2017

the beautiful poem.

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 15 February 2016

Every word overflows with maternal love and longing as sweet as drops of nectar. The precious moment that anyone cherishes that their newborns bring with them is so well presented in this poem. Loved and enjoyed it.

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