To The Memory Of Love Poem by Dee Daffodil

To The Memory Of Love

Rating: 4.9

Petals torn from faded roses,
Memories stored in jars.
Photographs with different poses,
To worship from afar.

Love has gone from her heart,
Sadness fills his soul.
What of the vow to never part?
To live two lives, as a whole?

Emptiness fills the days,
Loneliness the nights.
Through teary eyes filled with haze,
She remembers all their fights.

What of the love they shared?
Could it be it's only hiding?
Or has it simply disappeared,
from lack of simple trying?

It seems a waste, an awful shame,
That love should part,
Just as it came...
With very little effort.

Let's raise a glass-
To the memory of love.

Mary-Elizabeth Conn 10 May 2006

10/10! I love this poem so much! Another great write! Keep up the good work :)

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Nalini Hebbar 15 May 2006

very touching...i feel so, nalini

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DEE...DARTING SCRIPT...TIGHT, SMOOTH FLUX....ALL-IN -STEP RHYTHM TEN FOR THE '' MEMORY OF LOVE ''! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

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Valsa Terron 01 June 2006

So tender and real...a beautiful poem Dee. A ten from me. Love, Valsa

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Brian Dorn 11 June 2006

Dee, interesting line... love does come and go with very little effort. GREAT poem! Brian

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Melissa Patty 09 January 2017

Beautifully written with such a clear and touching message Melissa x

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ngaio beck 12 September 2008

This one is very true.The memories remain sweeter, stronger when you lose your love when you are both young and very much in love.

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Chris Mendros 27 July 2007

Well crafted and very evocative. A tidy summing-up of all the pains that only love can bring. Nice work.

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J M Basey 25 November 2006

Good poem Dee, liked it very much. Much love, Jay x x

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Davency Leroy 06 August 2006

This is one of the best/romantic poem I've ever read on this website! And that my friend, is the TRUTH!

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