To Emma Poem by Dee Daffodil

To Emma

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You are the sprinkles on my ice cream
The fizz in my champagne
You are the flowers in the meadow
The rainbow through the rain

You are so much of what is nice in life
You're all of this and more
You are my lovely middle child
And one that I adore!

To Emma on her 6th Birthday...Happy Birthday Pwincess! !
Love you lots...Mom (xo)

Dee Daffodil (HW) March 27,2007

Declan McHenry 27 March 2007

Sweet and petite Dee. Smartly done.

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Geoff Warden 27 March 2007

very nicly done Dee........and pass on a b-day wish.....

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Diane Violet 27 March 2007

This is so cute Dee, I'm sure Emma will love it....I do!

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This sings! Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out... sweet and loving and admiring Dee. Happy birthday to the wee one indeed! t x

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David Taylor 28 March 2007

Hi Dee, That is such a nice poem for Emma, just right for a pwincess!

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Francesca Johnson 09 April 2007

A lovely poem of love, Dee. Sorry I'm late....but please say Happy 6th Year to Emma. Love, Fran xxx

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R H 03 April 2007

Beautiful Dee - all the wonderful things a 6 year old can equate to - a warm and loving poem for your daughter. Loved it. Justine

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Chuck Audette 02 April 2007

Wonderful birthday tribute! Bleated best wishes, says a sheepish Chuck!

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Original Unknown Girl 02 April 2007

What a beautiful little declaration of love, I hope your princess had a day befitting of such grandeur! HG: -) xx

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Barry Van Allen 29 March 2007

Dee, ... To Emma, Do not spwinkle on your mother's ice cweam, and twy to be her wainbow, Just be the Pwincess that she wuvs, and twy to teach her how to speak pwoperly!

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