Today's Wisdom Poem by Godfrey Morris

Today's Wisdom

Rating: 4.8

As I look at life's closed hour-glass

Of all the errors past

I Imagined how things could have been

If sands had shifted fast

But then life, is just a drifting scene

With time a story came to being

Did you know the mind can see?

Even pass the dark blue sea

Do you know the soul can hear?

Even to a silent tear

There only need to set mind free

And then there be a light

A light so full of timeless glee

To ignite a flame in thee

Which warms the soul

To make you whole

Did you know the soul can feel?

Once you have that light

Your conscience will be healed

That day you ‘ll have your sight

copyright (c) 2012

Heather Wilson 12 June 2012

A really thoughtful poem of wisdom and hope. thank you.

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Samantha Rak 17 June 2012

I really liked this, thank you for messaging me, I really enjoyed this and I hope you continues to write!

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Christopher Cariad 17 June 2012

an incredible poem!

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Karen Sinclair 18 June 2012

A nice write to provoke thought... enjoyable read... tyvm

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Desert Life 21 June 2012

Love reading this piece again and again! Very wise. Thnx for sharing! A 10.

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Roseann Shawiak 16 January 2016

Beautiful and inspiring poem! Love how our souls speak to us in such gentle whispers through our interior lives, always live there while writing poetry and listening to music. Identify greatly with this poem and it's serenity and I do know the Divine lives in this bluened atmosphere. Thank you so much for sharing this soothing wisdom with us. RoseAnn

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John Sky Dadzie 29 May 2015

Love it. The best poem i have read so far

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Daniel Wentz 01 December 2012

WOAH! ! ! ! this was off the hook lol i think this was well penned keep them coming

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Mark Normand 14 July 2012

This is a very good poem.It brings a lot of things to light.We are such complicated spiritual beings who have long forgotten why or how we are supposed to use these hidden tools inside of us. We only catch a glimpse of our potential for brief instances and then we soon forget and write the experiences off as mere coincidences.One day we will all see clear.

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Josephine Collett 30 June 2012

This is beautiful Godfrey. I think you have a strong sense of the reader as you write, as well as your own thoughts. Your poems really speak to me. Thank you for sharing them.

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Godfrey Morris

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