Why I Write? Poem by Godfrey Morris

Why I Write?

Rating: 4.4

My child you ask me why

And so I give a sure reply

The reason why I write you ask?

I do so to unveil a mask -

To state a claim my dear

And dry these noble tears at last

The reason why I write

Is to be free -

As that young lad's kite

To flee from charmless grips

And stray from harm's lustful flight

You ask me why I write today?

I do so that you go away!

To a place, within my space

That way I'll have a worthy say

I write my dear to tell a tale

Of places that I once had sailed

The promises that were never had

The eluded dreams that made me sad

The reason why I write a verse

Is to soothe this soul I thought was cursed

To trod with care through lonely roads

And pray my troubles be reversed

The reason why I write to you

Is so you ‘ll see my point of view

That in all things, there is a verse

A spring that takes away all thirst

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Persian Khushi 03 July 2012

superbly written... freeing the soul through your writing. love it!

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Uche Chidozie 03 July 2012

Being universal in the aspect of explicating all about literature, why, what? in that single term literature to be free, unveil a mask, state a claim, tell a tale, promises that were never had soothe this soul i thought cursed. Godfrey, you are unique, thanks for sharing.......

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Captain Cur 04 July 2012

Well written explanation of why you and others write. A positive personal message for all. Loved this poem.

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Eric Cockrell 04 July 2012

you must write to breathe, and that your breath be shared!

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Freedom From Darkness 09 July 2012

amazing poem. Really felt a conection with certain lines as they are the reasons i write :) . the poem flowed and rhymed really well. i loved it :)

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Bill Cantrell 11 March 2017

You write because you are a poet, and a good one! Wonderful poem my friend

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Liza Sudina 19 September 2015

there is a verse -A spring that takes away all thirst. Why? - because they are dictated from don't know where - that could be my answer. Nice to read your opinion!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 May 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Thanks.

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Bursting with beauty. Well done my friend.10/10

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Heather Wilkins 05 June 2013

excellent write on why I write. you have spoken for all poets everywhere. writing is a great release of emotions.

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