Life Poem by Godfrey Morris


Rating: 4.7

Life is precious

A gem on the sands of shores.

Though often treated as if it matters little.

Life is the beauty of the world.

As a rose, it blooms in season.

Hides in it the souls of all reasons.

Life is the sun it comes and then goes

Each life adds something new

Good or bad is what we make of it.

Life is worth living.

Sometimes worth dying for-

but never in life you throw away.

Each life must be treasured its very natural end.

copyright © 2012


Life is worth living for. Sometimes worth dying for- nice composition

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Enoch John 10 May 2012

Hi Godfrey, Very good imagery utilised in poem.I like the rhythm of the poem

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Walterrean Salley 10 May 2012

Beautifully penned. Give new perspectives on the greatest gift ever given to man. Perfect imagery too. I enjoyed. 10

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Kenebo Rajkumar 11 May 2012

Sometimes worth dying for...........its absolutely true, here i remember we are not immortal.... nice one, outstanding dude.......

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Craig Farrell 11 May 2012

i enjoy the simplicity of this... and simplicity is not a bad thing at all. life is the beauty of the world very true and if there is no life there is no world of meaning... so to speak.

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Walterrean Salley 05 November 2016

Godfrey, thank you for this fine composition, portraying the true essence of life. Very insightful. This is one of my favorite subjects, partially because it‘s such a mystery- though we thing ourselves well acquainted with this such phenomenon. Again thank you. PS: In reference to my poem ‘A Sad Comedian, ’ thanks for your kind comments. I’ve just learned that it was recently featured as Poem of the Day.

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A pleasant but powerful perspective on life and living. Well done my friend!

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Albert Ahearn 23 May 2015

A very good poem. It compliments you.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 20 May 2015

Profound with a lot of truth and wisdom. A very remarkable write.

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Uma Ram 23 March 2015

Beautiful sir, very inspiring...

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