Two Friends Poem by Sathya Narayana

Two Friends

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We are two friends of oppugnant thoughts
I’m of thorough religious mind and faith
And he; an authoritative dialectician
Yet of one inseparable yoke we are
Of tolerance like two sides of one coin;
With uberrima fides in each other’s
Virtues, wisdom and benevolence

When collide with each other, our staunch notions
Emit out new fragrances of nascent philosophies
A bit clear and a lot: unintelligible glimmer
Leading us yet, slowly towards unknown horizons
Of unfamiliar truths and astounding revelations
But we know one day sure we can dispel
All the ridiculous litter remnant in us and
Clutch firmly the silken threads of Absolute; fistfuls
And expound to the whole world
Our all new ‘ultimate gospel’

(Dedicated to Rajan)

Deependra Kumar Jha 30 January 2009

A very good write here! 'agree to disagree' is what results in healthy & fruitful discussions. I liked the lines... '...And expound to the whole world Our all new ‘ultimate gospel’...' Good Luck to both of you-keep exploring & moving towards the 'New Horizons' 10/10

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Lynda Robson 30 January 2009

Nice dedication to your friend and well written by you, 10 Lynda xx

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Catrina Heart 30 January 2009

A pretty nice description of your attributes as two friends...nice simile used...The law of magnetism applies to you both...10/10

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Its nice to have such nice friends i like this poem you wrote it great Daisy

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Mamta Agarwal 31 January 2009

we can agree to disagree with respect for independent points of views- sparks, debate, discussion - healthy for widening one's perspective. really beautiful poem Sathyaji.

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Jyoti Saxena 19 March 2009

it requires two opposite charges to complete the circuit and then ideas flow unabated- true frind is yr biggest critic---very well exponded full 10+++++++++

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Blue Eyes 02 March 2009

i like the hidden meaning in this is well composed and things are the way you see them.

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Miriam Maia Padua 09 February 2009

very poetic....words so brilliant..... a brilliant piece as a elegant.... meaningful..... that's the wonder of true matter matter how... WE WILL BE FRIENDS.... GREAT...GREAT...GREAT WRITE

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John Weber 08 February 2009

I enjoyed this one and its doppelganger theme, Sathya! It's amazing how much more can be accomplished with respect, even when reaching out to someone with divergent views. Introspective work here! Thanks for sharing! Warm regards, John.

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Gargi Saha 08 February 2009

A WONDERFUL PIECE INDEED 10+++++++.........

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