Two Way Profound. Poem by Ann Beard

Two Way Profound.

Rating: 5.0

If I close my eyes and caress my skin,
I can separate host from the soul within.
Curling gentle fingers around my arm,
I untangle myself from discomfort or harm.

My hand slips down the expanse of skin,
the limb becomes part of the form lived in.
I am two way profound, both in harmony
with sun after rain and the tides of the sea.

If I open my eyes, all I touch becomes clear,
like a fresh water stream, or an infants tear.
In the mirror I see how others see me,
But beneath mortal calm. I long to be free.

My body a shield for quintessence below,
I am perfume collector, free miracle show.
No different from you, on the outer at least,
but deep inside nestles a lamb, or a beast.

If I close my eyes and caress my skin
I can separate host from the soul within.
Never the less I control each breath,
until nature, sweet talks my host to her death.

©Roan Feb.2009

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance - Carl Sandburg

Laurie Hill 09 April 2009

An excellent, thought evoking write...Fascinating, Thankyou Ann 10+

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Gordon Wilkinson 23 March 2009

fascinating piece – I enjoyed the read - 10

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Eddie Larkin 03 February 2009

An astonishing piece of writing Ann, very fluid and rythmetic. Good to see you back. Warmest regards, Eddie

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Andrew Blakemore 02 February 2009

A wonderful poem as always penned by your gifted hand. Great rhythm, flow and structure. Best wishes, Andrew

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Ann, this delightful echo keeps reverbretating in dance over me... everyone should read this poetry.. but read is too lame of a word... maybe get involved in the tactile nature of this poetry.. aroha Deana xx

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