Two Shades Of Green Poem by Ann Beard

Two Shades Of Green

Rating: 5.0

The room has a carpet in two shades of green,
Its a place to be more,
much more, than is seen
Crystal splinters like glass light up hazel eyes.
Granny listens intently
to those seeming wise.

The room has one window, a rural scene.
Seasons constantly change,
like a slow motion screen.
She lives on her own but companions are near
they wander through daily
they chase away fear.

Her room has no door, not one she has noticed
just how they come in,
she has not the remotest
but people walk through at a leisurely pace
Everyone known to her
each precious face.

She dreams of her home on the outskirts of town,
A bridegroom. a grass stain,
on her new bridal gown.
Now her feet rest content on two shades of green
Chair facing the window
the slow motion screen.

copyright © Roan Feb.2009

Simone Inez Harriman 04 December 2016

This is a lovely poem of just how fortunate some people can be so happy in later years surrounded by friends and/or loved ones.The poem is I see the absent door as a gradual consequence of ageing whereby loss of privacy and independence is eventually inevitable for even the most sprightly. Thank you Ann.......10

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Ann Beard 05 December 2016

Thank you Simone you are very kind. Ann

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Adi Cox 06 July 2009

This is very imaginative. A room without a door and a slow motion window. I understand the slow motion window, but the lack of a door makes me wonder. All in all this is a very intrigueing poem and a very nice read.10/10.

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Sameer Ahmed 07 June 2009

Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve for those who havent have any proper place to live in there are many unregulated vulneribilities....a good eye opening poem Ms. Ann.....

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Andrew Blakemore 02 June 2009

I loved this poem Ann, a very descriptive and image laden piece of work. Best wishes, Andrew

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Gordon Wilkinson 23 March 2009

i often wonder what those in care homes think about their situation - 10

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