Ugly Beauties Poem by Soran M. H

Ugly Beauties

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All the things of this world
are beautiful
if they don’t make themselves ugly
like people.

Crazy incontinent waves
did not respect the sea when
they destroyed
the honest canopy of love.

Drops of rain
did not fulfill the clouds when
they deleted the words
in the dictionary of trust.

Oh! how bitter were
those apples which fell from
the ugly beauty’s trees and
putrefied the garden.

Sorrowfully the sun sat
no longer listening
to the abusive words
of the scentless blossoms
that interrupted him
and threw stones at him.

Glasses were full of the
wine of dishonesty
when the silver moon
lighted on the table of the night.

Oh! they were frantic
who could not stop the sun
from its journey, they who
ignorantly, rudely, proudly
Walk the earth
Then late, late
Calm down in its depth.

Spring has not yet come
roses withered –
beauties that were so ugly inside
that the fell
not once could they hold or
shake the hand
of tranquility.

All things are beautiful
in this universe
if they don’t make themselves ugly
like people.


Suman Kumar Das 29 November 2013

so beautifully and ugly are the both sides of one coin! i liked it.

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Soran M. H 26 December 2019

Thanks for you feeling and reading this poem, appreciating your valuable comment cheers

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 December 2019

Wine of dishonesty! ! True beauty comes from the heart. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Soran M. H 30 December 2019

Dear Edward we are proud of you, you are on the top 500 poets here, and most active member as well, bless you

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Shaun Cronick 04 January 2020

There is good and bad in everyone all lives are full of regrets, I look around and see more good in people than bad. For even the bad can seek and find redemption. And after reading this poem Soran it makes me good to feel alive. It mirrors aspects of life and it's choices. Thank you Soran for this marvellous write.10++ and added to favs.

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Chinedu Dike 18 April 2021

A beautiful, metaphorical piece of poetry written with insight. Thanks for sharing, Soram. Remain enriched.

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Varsha M 14 February 2021

Beauty is meaningful till the time its not polluted by dirty politics of humans. Sir your poem greatly emphasises this understanding. Beautiful.

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Susan Williams 14 February 2021

All things are beautiful in this universe if they don't make themselves ugly like people.-----These lines are so powerful, congratulations on a giant of a poem. my friend. favoriting this

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Soran M. H 28 August 2020

thanks dear poet Anjandev Roy. for your comment.

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Anjandev Roy 27 August 2020

Profound piece......very well composed.....thank u, dear poet.....anjandev roy.

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