++unknown Color+ Poem by Marieta Maglas

++unknown Color+

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I use the colors to recompose your image
While enclosing to open the space alternatively
With relevance and traceability....
I'm like a painter seeking her own color,
Or like a singer seeking her own voice,
Or like a philosopher seeking her own self...
Neither like, nor unlike a painting, is this color
A new dream between ultraviolet and infrared?
Neither like, nor unlike a song, is this color
A pulse of an upbeat dance groove?
Neither like, nor unlike a philosophical idea, is this color
A fusion of the individualities between
The human beings and The Lord?
I see you in that color.
‘Tis like you place yourself directly in front of my sight,
And there is only me to see you.
You sit there, in the color without any name.
You're my eternity.
I defeat my dream as I defeat an illusion,
And I receive the reality of light...
I close my eyes, and I feel its warmth.
I feel a shiver running up my spine,
And I feel the healing rays enlightening my spirit.
It's so peaceful and overgrown with trees
Like seeing a beautiful picture of the woman
And the nature being in harmony...

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 March 2010

‘…Crystallized soprano and bass…’ Just tweeting your color and woofer of lovesmile... whispering… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Pranab K Chakraborty 09 March 2010

So strong your utterance, so soft your word-choice- a real poet can only spell such a way. Marieta, you got already your colour when you tell in search of light you defeat your dreams and illusion. Very straight your choice but Poet would you tell where Light resides? In the heart or in the Brain. Put you on marks +++ Apoet Bangla

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Dr. Sonal Chhaya 09 March 2010

And I feel the healing rays enlightening my spirit.. .......I like this line...is in line with my reiki healing....Thankyou for sharing

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John Knight 08 March 2010

Hi Mari - What is the colour of true love - is it as elusive as true love is? ? ? ? There is a plethora of both abstraction and uncertainty in this poem Angel - which makes analyisi elusive. I recompose your image in reds and violets form the opposite ends of the visible spectrum - your heat retreats into the infrared - your cool energy advances into the ultraviolet rendering you simultaneously both visible and invisible. In your poetry you employ the all the colour of the PAINTER all the vibes of the ARTIST and all the subtlety of the PHILOSOPHER. It really is a 'Fusion of individuality wit (your) being and God'. All your poetry is very spiritual. 'And you're there........ It's only who me can see you....... You're my eternity'. I can feel this Mari - even if my linguisitc analysis is very imperfect - because it's poetry - feeling supercedes understanding. 'I feel the healing rays enlightening my spirit - It's so peaceful overgrown with trees - like a beautiful picture of a (very beautiful) woman and nature in harmony'. Do you see only yourself Mari or do you see someone who loves you so intensely - and whose love you reciprocate so perfectly - that you become one image in each others minds - a perect symbiosis of two souls bound by eternal love. Thank you for sharing. love you in poetry - JOHN X X X

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Merna Ibrahim 07 March 2010

A very impressive poem. I agree that you used the simile and metaphor in a great way! ! This verse is my favourite-And I defeat my dream as I defeat an illusion..- Great Work!

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Prasanna Kumari 23 October 2012

your poem takes the reader to another world filled with thoughts, meaning and feeling

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Eyan Desir 14 March 2010

Very rich poetic write very.....well express

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Rehana Nazli 14 March 2010

'I close my eyes and I feel its warmth.. I feel a shiver run up my spine. And I feel the healing rays enlightening my spirit.. It's so peacefull and overgrown with trees, Like a beautiful picture of woman and nature in harmony...' I like your introspection in this poem and the serenity that surrounds while reading it.

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Siddharth Singh 11 March 2010

Your poem is like a beautiful painting. You have painted the canvas of life with lively colors.

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Suman Dutta 10 March 2010

A nameless color.. beautiful play with words, that reaches out and splashes its unknown colors on the readers and soak them in emotions. The color that we want to put in our lives to relate to things, to make them beautiful and lively like the color themselves.

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Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

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