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Vedas 2 - The Vast Vedic Literature Of Hymns & Prose

The Samhitas are vast literature
That comprise Hymns in praise of
The Indwelling God
That resides in all beings;
The sacrificial methods and methodology; And
The Litanies - A series of Vedic prayers!

The Brahmanas comprise
Theological literature
In prose format,

Texts pertaining to sacrificial rites,
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: scriptural
Red Soul 22 June 2018

This is interesting. Now, at the risk of sounding very ignorant and also offensive maybe, can I ask you if the hymns that are spoken of here has anything to do with the Bhajans or present day devotional songs, or these were something entirely different? Thanks for sharing Dr. Menon.

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All souls are pure. Thanks a lot dear Red Soul! Answering your query, the Bhajans, sung these days are in praise of Indian Deities like Krishna, Rama, Devi, Ganapati, , Hanuman and so on. Vedic Hymns are very different. They sing in praise of the elements of Nature like the sun, fire, water, wind and earth.

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I am very happy, dear Poet, you have changed your name to Red Soul. This sounds good. In fact, i had decided to suggest that the word 'Idiot' be removed, Speaking as a philosopher, there is no Soul in this world who is an Idiot.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 May 2018

Beautifully presentrd the poem Vedas- 2 The Vast Vedic Literature Of Hymns & Prose, the Samhitas which are vast literature that comprise Hymns in praise of the Indwelling God that resides in all beings. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much. God resides in all human beings.

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Kelly Kurt 08 May 2018

I am learning new things. Thank you, Geeta.

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Kelly, thanks a lot. Believe me, i am also learning with you.

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Rajnish Manga 08 May 2018

The study and understanding of Vedas is branching out systematically. Samhitas, Brahmanas and Aranyas are like a 3D presentation of Vedic teachings. Thanks a lot, Geeta ji.

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A beautiful appraisal. A 3D presentation it is. :) Thank you Rajnish ji.

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Rini Shibu 08 May 2018

looking forward to read the profound teaching..good attempt

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