Vincent Van Gogh 50 - Goodbye To Borinage Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 50 - Goodbye To Borinage

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After nursing Vincent back to health,
Theo decided to take Vincent back to their home in Etten.
Vincent wondered what good that would be?
His whole family looked at him with complete distrust,
As a good for nothing fellow,
Incapable of doing anything worthwhile in life.
He was unemployed for the last five years.
All he did was reading books and looking at pictures.
His stay in Borinage with the miners, though a charitable Venture, had completely led him to a pitiable state of starvation.

As the two brothers talked of the current situation, problems,
Vincent opened his heart out to his brother Theo:
"I am a man of passions, capable of doing foolish things.
I speak and act too quickly when it would have been better
To wait patiently. This being the case, must I consider myself
A dangerous man, incapable of doing anything? I do not think so.
I have an irresistible passion for pictures and books,
And I want continually to instruct myself,
Just as I want to eat my bread.
You will certainly understand that Theo."

Only one man in the whole world understood Vincent.
And that was his younger brother Theo.
The role was always reversed. Theo, the protector, saviour,
While Vincent was like a little child, expressing his fears,
Worries, anxieties; pouring out his troubled and turbulent thoughts to his brother.Theo's present role was to rescue his brother from this hell. Vincent sprang up, as he listened to the Reassuring words of Theo. Vincent felt happy and motivated.
In no time, they packed up and boarded a train back home,
Never, ever to return to Borinage again. It was a final goodbye!

Thursday, January 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: true,story,artistic work,art,brother,brotherhood
Happy to have reached the 50th poem on Vincent Van Gogh. I am really excited to delve into Vincent's paintings here onwards, wherein he makes a clean start as full-fledged painter. I am sure it would a marvellous journey into his magnificent paintings. These poems are biographical poems on the famed painter- Vincent Van Gogh. All information on Vincent Van Gogh is taken and is based on two great books - ‘Lust for life' & ‘Dear Theo' - a biography and an autobiography respectively, penned by the famed American Author - Irving Stone. Dear friends and Poets, Thank you so much for reading this series on Vincent Van Gogh's life. I am ever grateful to all the poets who are reading these poems. I do hope you will continue to read them. Ever obliged for your kind comments. The Borinage and his life with the miners, was a very tough period in Vincent's life. But it was also a great learning period for him. How he comes back to his passion of painting supported by his brother Theo is a wondrous story of all times. Keep reading dear friends
Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 January 2023

Glad to know, my friend, Dr. Geeta, that you have shared 50 poems to date on the life of Van Gogh. Indeed, it requires great efforts to put into poems the unique and inspiring life a great artist.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 January 2023

Beautiful and one of a kind story on brothers. Very moving and inspiring. Theo is a great brother with extraordinary attributes, a man of great character; kind, patient and very understanding.

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