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Voice Of Freedom,25 January Revolution

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It was a dark night, full of fights, as if the sun will never rise
The bullets were passing beside me, but I couldn't realize
All the people were afraid, , I was trying to resist anywise
The voice of freedom rose high in the souls of the arise
The life of the oppressors, was walking anticlockwise
The voice of injustice blinked away, like its form analyse

The devil thought and thought, 'How could I make a plan,
to stop that voice, to regain everything without complain'
The birds began to sing, voice of freedom returned again

to prevail the happiness again, , to resist suffering pain.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: Politics

wow this poem was touchin and great

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Jim Troy 25 July 2011

Abdallah, my great friend and fellow warrior. I join you anytime when you fight for freedom. It is an honor to read your poetry telling about the rise of a spirit on the battle field. To be elevated when you have no doubt that you fight to put down evil. Thank you for your fight against evil. No matter what your part in the fight may be, you deserve a heart felt s a l u t e! ! ! ....... and prayers for your success in continuing to help put down oppression......... Hugs to you and all who take part in freedoms fight...............Jim Troy

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Sa'milleah Toatley 25 July 2011

this was touching, the more i read the more impressed i am

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Chris Haifley 24 July 2011

Amazing! It has such an uplifting emotion flowing throughout it. And it couldn't be a better situation to have the emotion portrayed in. You are a really great poet (: the words you write flawlessly join together to create something beautiful that everyone can relate to and feel. Amazing: D

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Romeo Della Valle 24 July 2011

There are voices that some people don't want to hear! There are voice that temporarily can be suppressed but time can only tell and the day it does, it shall be a big surprise! These voices will be carried around by the wind and heard throughout the whole World and it will be heard loud and clear! These voices are the ECHO of the people who are breaking the chains of captivity and have no longer fears. Excellent write! You delivered the message loud and clear! Thanks for sharing! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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Moha Abbou 07 September 2012

Hello brothers and sesters I have some thing important to say for everyone who reads Abdallah Gamal's poemsrhytoric is present, heartfelt are present, rhymes are present between the ribs of his special poem, inspiration is the experience and his brain and the magic come vie his pen. Moreover I can smell the glory, the honesty, the freedom and the pride. That's all what I have, good luck brother. Another aspect I have to say good bye for everyone who reads and write day and night to feed the brain with knowledge and light.

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isatou Juwara 07 August 2011

am out of words! ! ! ! ! ! awesome! !

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Chaths Odion 28 July 2011

nice angle of vision towards this one! ! war and hope with survival...great work!

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Reem Ehab 27 July 2011

It is a beautiful poem, you express everything perfectly! ! Finally the voice of Freedom is rising up and nobody can shut it down, not any longer. The poem is a Masterpiece!

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Stefanie Fontker 26 July 2011

Great poem, full of heart. Very well written.

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