`\_; *\_...Waking Dream..._/*; _/' Poem by Lee Degnan

`\_; *\_...Waking Dream..._/*; _/'

Rating: 4.6

Like a flip of a switch
visions and voices fade
voices become disembodied
and vision surreals
allowed to just melt away
unimportant, disconnected
And as the world falls away
I contemplate my own sanity
with panic and calm
as I know
allowances to let go like this
erodes reason and will
with each instance
with each time I BECKON it...
I'm profoundly aware of its power
and promise
sweetly, alarmingly seducing me
I'm swallowed in,
with a dark and intense curiosity
I go deeper each time
each breath
riding the waves of pain
and pleasure...
What I come for,
and what makes it harder to ever leave...

And it is here
I am with you
and no one can stop me.

November 10,2007

comatose 10 November 2007

wow, this is insanely deep, ive red a quotation once forgot who it was from, there is a pleasure sure in being mad which none but madman knew, yeah there is, and no one can stop u from getting that pleasure huh, this is good writing, and so true, theres is that something deep inside you that once u reach it, ud rather not get out, coz compare to it, the outside is devoid of life, tasteless, numb, tranquilized, anestheticized, im gona add this to my favorite poems, thank you

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Keith Wells 10 November 2007

Again Love the poem...... You have a talent..... Finally....LOL.... All your poems have such power and makes everyone that reads them think and realize that they relate. Love ya keep up the good work....Keith

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 10 November 2007

Inveteratingly poignant work, young lady, as well as an excellent choice of subject matter.The Salvatore Dali-esque presentations you introduce create explosively inventive scenarios for your readers to muse on, and conclude upon for their own individual mind-pleasure. Quality versing...but of course...as what else could one have possibly expected, had they ever read you before today. Glad i caught you on my mini visit, this Saturaday afternoon.Be Well Lee! ~ ~ ~

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Aurora Wells 10 November 2007

The greatest things said are those said with passion and purpose... you have always been one to articulate with such a grace, I don't know of many that could compare... it's a rare gift that should be published with those few I hold that high.. Love you!

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Untitiled and unnamed 11 November 2007

OK, so what can i say lee lee, ? ? Another awsome write, quiet a bit deeper this one, i had to read it a few times, (maybe thats just me) , not sure what keith was on about, (finally? ?) Girl you have always had talent to me! ! Love you lots, and stay safe, Lee..xx

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~ Jon London ~ 09 June 2008

Excellent piece, , , ...full flowing emotion.......you have a great way with expression best wishes Jon

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Coreena Dejesus 10 March 2008

Very deep thanks for sharing your poem. Great Write!

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David Harris 17 November 2007

Lee, another wonderful write that really got me thinking of all the waking dreams that I have. Though some have been more like nightmares and not as pleasant reading as this. Top marks and thanks for sharing my friend. David

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Rommel Filoteo 16 November 2007

whatever struggles we have to endure in a relationship, We would still hold onto love because I believe that this is just the way of God to teach us to be strong and faithful. As meggie said it was so very deep.... God blesses you always!

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Rosemary Dupree 16 November 2007

What talent you have as thispoem is quiet beautiful. A 10 rating. Rosemary

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