Waste Love Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Waste Love

Rating: 4.9

Don't be afraid to turn me down.
It never has been free.
And I'm prepared to pay the price,
The cost of loving thee.

Rejections are the common dues,
The fees for what I do.
Finding souls who I can love,
And losing ones like you.

Though most lost loves just walk away,
As often as it's done;
I much prefer rejection's sting.
So please, just turn and run.

And don't leave out the parting words,
The ones some always fear.
The ones, somehow devoid of truth;
Which make it oh so clear.

The best of all these parting words,
That I am just a 'bore'.
Is just so bland and insincere,
It's easy to ignore.

And don't forget the crucial thing
So valued here on earth.
The note that says someday I'll find
The girl who knows my worth.

These truly are such mirthful words
I'm bound to go away,
Joyful and content again.
To die, once more, this way.

You know, of course, just who she is.
The one around the bend.
The one that's waiting just for me.
The one that God will send.

The one, that could be anyone.
Just anyone, but you.
The one for whom I yearn this day,
For whom my love is true.

Yes anyone but who you are,
Is suited just for me.
It's only those I've never loved;
Who love me, don't you see.

This, of course, is what you mean.
And that's what brings me joy.
The myraid of reasoned words
Girls use to dump a boy.

So go ahead and turn me down,
Reject my love so true.
I have so much stored up you see;
Waste love, is what I do.

Tia Maria 12 July 2008

The note that says someday I'll find The girl who knows my worth. ah yes... reading this the words of a good friend of mine (who is not much of a lady) just came to mind... 'Patronising gits! ' (and then in the middle of it - I smiled at something I could relate to) ... It's only those I've never loved; Who love me, don't you see. BRILLIANT poem ;)

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Pat Diaz 06 June 2008

In my opinion this is a really good poem really intresting I really enjoy reading it, thanks for sharing your work with us.

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Troy Clark 09 May 2008

I have but one more thing to state. Perhaps if you used some metaphores in this poem, it would make it more interesting and keep the people guesing.

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Troy Clark 09 May 2008

I am who still young have not yet exsperienced what you have now just descibed. But this poem does speak to the heart. This is a very good piece, the ryming sceme was perfect, this poem gave me mixed feeling! Good job! I also like how you used words that are sorta childish to the eyes of adults, such as: Dump. Once again good job, I have found nothing wrong with this poem!

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Subbaraman N V 21 April 2008

A genuine love never goes waste!

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Cristy Upshaw 08 June 2009

Waste Love no more, for you have found the one, God's blessing rains on you, your loneliness is done. Well, written, very heartfelt and touching.

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Tsira Goge 14 November 2008

Hello Wolfey, Remarkable poems... A thin sincere portrait... It is simply surprising, that did not read earlier... 10...... Tsira

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Little Hatila ;) 04 October 2008

it is very very sad poem..... Sir you are so brave to write these things down.... good luck Hataw

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nicsbabygirl... andisen 25 September 2008

i love this poem it relates back to one of my old relationships i think

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Brian Hinckley 07 August 2008

Very good rhythm to this poem. Wonderful construction and content.

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