Wave And Shore Poem by Valsa George

Wave And Shore

Rating: 5.0

We are the wave
and the shore
embracing and drifting apart
meeting only for seconds
over our heads seagulls roar
around us soapy foams giggle

will I ever hold you again?
wish once more
I could run into your arms

sometimes, I feel
I am on a journey to you
with a prayer not to reach you
once I reach
what shall I do?
what will you do?

so till death, let me scuttle
between the starting point
and the destination!


let us be a pair of gulls in flight
you forever, staying close to me
as the wind beneath my wings!

Wave And Shore
Sunday, October 8, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and life
Mj Lemon 22 October 2017

Valsa, this is terrific! This verse is truly inspired. The waves and the shore- -so often meeting, touching....but the relationship is so very often fleeting. This reminds me of what goes on between so many. Perhaps this is why so much of great poetry is about wanting and pining and yearning. A fabulous poem, Valsa.

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Valsa George 27 October 2017

Thank you so much Lemon for your wonderful comment! This is about yearning and pining as you have rightly observed!

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Simone Inez Harriman 17 October 2017

A melancholic reflection on love that does not wish to be fixed or defined. Yet this relationship flies with full wings perhaps because it works best this way. A perfect 10.

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Valsa George 22 October 2017

In few lines how you have caught the very essence of the poem! I adore the way you have analyzed it, Simone! Thank you so much!

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Muhammad Ali 10 October 2017

very very soft, touching and beautiful. very beautiful way to wish and to say. let me live this death... let me die on the shore... let me play it again

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Anjandev Roy 10 January 2020

Such a fantastic write. Thank u.anjandev roy.

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Loke Kok Yee 19 January 2018

You see love through nature and nature through love, then you weave it into a meaningful poem for all to appreciate. You have a gift most rare. Thanks Valsa

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Glen Kappy 26 November 2017

A few things come to mind with this poem, Valsa. But first, I especially like the phrase, soapy foams giggle. This makes me think of a different description of the same phenomenon in my poem At Twenty Years. Then the longing you express brings to mind a song sung by Bobby Darin titled, Beyond the Sea. I encourage you to look up the lyrics and listen to it. I think you’ll enjoy it. Love fill and surround you. Glen

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Akhtar Jawad 21 November 2017

Life is a journey, it starts with a virtual love and heads towards a real love. sometimes, I feel I am on a journey to you with a prayer not to reach you once I reach what shall I do? what will you do? Great lines.

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Stephen Katona 01 November 2017

Valsa, you've expressed so much about relationships and the hope that love may last with both side by side forever. I'll never look at waves on a shore in the same way again, some days stormy and others calm...

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