We Aren't Growing Old Poem by Jim Yerman

We Aren't Growing Old

Rating: 5.0

She crawled into her grandma's lap and once there…sharing the same space…
she brushed her tiny fingers across the wrinkles on her grandma's face.

"Why do people grow old, Grandma? " She asked.
"Will I ever be as old as you? "
"One day, " she asked resting her head on Grandma's chest,
"Will I have wrinkles too? "

"Getting old is a gift." Grandma smiled.
"I wouldn't be too concerned…for every day you grow a little older…
Is another day you get to live…to love…to learn."

"You see this world is filled with miracles…some are big…and some are small…
with so many miracles out there we need time to see them all."

"That tree you climb out back…with the branches you love to walk along…
If it wasn't old you couldn't climb it because those branches wouldn't be strong."

"And that bark you love to feel means that tree's growing old gracefully…
for the bark is nothing more than the wrinkles of the tree."

"Don't be afraid of wrinkles as you grow older…
be glad you're acquiring some…
because wrinkles tend to show just how wise you have become."

We needn't worry about growing old, " Grandma smiled
In fact…we should look at it with affection…
Don't think of it as growing old." she said as she hugged her granddaughter to her chest.
"think of it as aging to perfection."

MAHTAB BANGALEE 09 February 2023

beautiful poem penned and thought provoking

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Richard Wlodarski 08 February 2023

Growing old can be a little sad. Jim, your heartwarming poem has lifted my spirits. Many THX!

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Nabakishore Dash 08 February 2023

Great inspiration for all old man.

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Jim McGill 07 February 2023

Great poem. Aging is a gift some of us might never get.

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