When The Door Opened Poem by Scarlett Treat

When The Door Opened

Rating: 5.0

I could hardly breathe,
I was so breathless with excitement!
He was finally here,
After all the long hours
I had waited - -
And waited.

As he came to me
The scent of the roses he held
Drifted toward me, soft as a baby's breath,
And as his arms enfolded me,
I felt his hand on my back.

A chill went down my spine,
For winter's breath was at the door,
So I pulled him into the room
Where the fire awaited our return.

I still don't know which brought the most heat,
The dancing firelight and warmth I had prepared,
Or the touch of his lips on mine,
And his breath upon my cheek.

I do know that I had waited forever and a day
Just for his return to my arms,
And as he touched me with his love,
I became safe and warm.

Scarlett Treat
September 26,2008

And again, with sincere thanks to Sid John Gardner, for
the inspiration for this string of pearls!

Ivan Donn Carswell 06 October 2008

Simply delightful and delightfully simple - to borrow your own erudite phrase! The breathlessness permeates with a fresh expectancy from first line to closure... Rgds, Ivan

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Lawrence Beck 01 October 2008

Lovely sentiments, nicely presented; good job, Scarlett. Larry

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Thad Wilk 26 September 2008

A delight to read this masterpiece Scarlett! It touches th' heart! ! *10plus*! Best wishes! Friend Thad

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Ernestine Northover 26 September 2008

I glad I found the right answer here Scarlett. Lovely romantic piece of writing. Dreamy one too. Lovely. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Scarlett Treat

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