When Things Go Wrong! ! Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

When Things Go Wrong! !

Rating: 2.8

When things go wrong
What do we do?
Do we stumble and fall
Shed a tear or two?
Do we glue a smile
so no one sees inside?
Do we call on God to
everyones surprise?
Do we leave scars on our wrist
And do our best to make it through the day?
Do we have to write down the rite words to say?
Lies and pain, tales, and fame things are gonna go wrong
But in the end......who do we blame?

Reetessh Sabrr 01 May 2009

quest for the name, whom to blame...life is some weird game nicely u put the thoughts

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Mona Martinez 25 April 2009

wow. such wonderful questions that you have asked in this poem. as strange as it sounds, i often wonder who do you blame. but, the truth is, it's your life. you are the one who chooses how you will let stuff effect you. but, by the way, i loved it.

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Nangula Immanuel 21 April 2009

Thought stimulatin poem! Good question. we all find refuge in different things but vey well written indeed.

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Londiwe Buthelezi 20 April 2009

when life seems tough and you're drowning in deep dispair just look up and pray for you, he'll always be there

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