Who I Really Am! ! Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Who I Really Am! !

Rating: 4.4

It's preety crazy how one brush of make up, can change the way people see you
How a curl in your hair, could make someone think you have the perfect life
How a smile could make other's imagine that everything is ok.......

But what about when the makeup is washed away? ? ?
When the curls in your hair die down? ? ?
When that smile turns into a frown? ?
What about the real you, that you've tried so hard for no one to see
The broken hearted girl that was hiding underneath? ?

Was she really that bad of a person to cover up
Just because some dreams didnt get too far
Sucess you didnt achieve, a lie that you believed

We are all humans and we are all gona make mistakes
We are gonna go through problems, and sometimes our hearts are gonna break
So let other's know when your hurting or when things are going wrong
Don’t be afraid to unviel yourself, it’s ok that your not so strong

People rather you be for real, and show them who you really are underneath
I hope you learned a lesson here, cause that girl used to be me! !
But she has moved on from this and has a better life
Make up isnt neccesary, and curls are gona die
But this smile its for real I hope that doesn’t change
I let go of the mask, and showed everyone who I really was inside
So here I am, an innocent girl and I no who I am! ! ! ! !

James Mclain 22 June 2009

What a difference the smile can bring..iip..now sing..woman..sing..

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Eyan Desir 25 June 2009

You look beautiful your poem makes you sound like a sweet girl lol good write 10 points

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flariza bazu 26 June 2009

you are love your true self is showing up

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Ken E Hall 28 June 2009

Honesty is the best policy in one's self and you have presented yourself admirable to the world plus a smile is your own tonic luved the poem ++++10 regards uavanice1

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Jason Mcgookin 31 August 2009

i like this poem a lot of thought went into it and also alot of you. i enjoyed it

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Ken E Hall 08 July 2009

Everyone is beautiful it is what the holder thinks of what the beholder thinks of the holder... Now you have grown vwalla you are a beauty.... nice poem ++++++10 regards

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beautiful and truthful. it helped u grow and i'm happy for you! ! ! !

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Sarwar Chowdhury 05 July 2009

thoughtful compact composition! finely penned! 10+

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Shekhar Joshi 02 July 2009

i liked most of the poem........it had a great message and was written beautifully......but somehow i couldn't get along with the fourth para.......it somehow conflicts with my ideology............... great write though........ ;)

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