*** The Dream Theater *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** The Dream Theater ***

Rating: 3.9

I saw you in the movie
Standby…. lights, camera,
And action…hallucination
Produced by the hearts…
Directed by honeyed minds…

Scene 1:

You smile all the times
The winds whisper to your ears
“ He wants you so bad you don’t want to know”
“That’s pretty awesome”, said the mouth
The body says, “ I’m feeling so refreshed,
after a mug of love caffeine”
Your eyes twinkling like Hollywood stars
Neurological invasion replenished
Pneumonia of sadness relinquished
Nephrology of urethra stress diminished
Cardiac arrest strengthen your diseased heart
Cancerous cells of lust elevated
Longing tumor grows in the brain
Sweet diabetic limbs clinched a fist
“Yes, I gotcha honey. Am sweetened by your
adrenalin induced blood sugar”

Scene 2:

I’m living in the garden
Fragrance is all around
A castle blossoms
We’re too close for comfort…though
You’re craving for me, eating up
My kidneys…
Like glomerulonephritis
Your kiss is like chemotherapy
Healing my terminal desires
For you
Our tears are insulin
Bathing the pancreas of stimulation
Could you be my painkiller?
Shower me with Morphine of orgasms,
When Im in pain?
Im a hardcore addict
Of your hugs and touches
Like HIV viruses
Invaded my sanity
Killing me softly
The sweet words of yours
Were the culprits
Causing me hypertension
I need you now
To be my Beta-blocker

Scene 3:

When dusk crawls
We lay side by side
On the post-mortem bed
Naked as alien
Would someone perform us?
An autopsy?
Who is qualified if not God
The sin of our love
Breaking the pathology
Diagnosis with heartache…
The broken arrow…

Shiza Khan 21 October 2008

i will run short of words to praise yr poetry..or shud i say a masterpiece? Wonderful!

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 21 October 2008

very interesting! remind me of ER movie! keep writing, brother!

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Arlinda Ibezim 20 October 2008

well use of words. i would neva tyhought of writing a poem in this form. curious...

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Chocolate Bunny 20 October 2008

Another one well done. This is good.

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Rosan Sadir 20 October 2008

This is a really amazing piece I was deep in thought when i read this hanging on to every word Now when i look at any other poem by other people including me, it actually looks rather bland to this amazing peice

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Roshni D'Souza 26 February 2009

Brilliant hardly describes this one!

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 20 December 2008

A very elegent poem. Made me exausted with medical words, yet, 'Your kiss is like chemotherapy Healing my terminal desires For you' a wonderful explanation. Well done Sulaiman.. Regards, Kolitha

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William Green 12 December 2008

it great and i like it

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Angelo H.g. 29 November 2008

nice choice of words great poem altogether!

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Triin Kann 22 October 2008

Reminds me a poem of mine I wrote a while back in my mother tongue Estonian. It's such a great poem. A masterpiece indeed. A 10 from me.

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