Where All The Colors Are Blue (Revised) Poem by allan macli borges

Where All The Colors Are Blue (Revised)

Rating: 4.7

His life is nothing but a blink
The nonsense weights on the shoulders
Guilting him for his thinking
Sunrise can delay its schedule

The city of sunset falls
Blood and flesh's rivers
Bullets through the night
Liberty lies in ashes

He looks over by the bars
Counting stones under his doom
Life goes by through the fingers
In this city - where all the colors are blue

Red are his hands
Empty is his spirit
against all he stands
No more words form his lips

The night stares from outside
Flesh and Blood colliding
He couldn't find the way out
without straying inside

The city of sunrise appears
Hope sings at his door untuned
songs taken by the wind
In this heart - where all the colors are blue


This is such a good title and coming back to the title in the last stanza works so well. Your them of blue for negativity with your imagery throughout the poem creates a well thought out poem. 10 Karin Anderson

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Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

beautiful...........well done! !

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Anna jonson 26 September 2008

good poem..10.....................

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Dear Allan, you compose pictures with strong colours (life => blink, liberty=> ashes) which help you to confess your world in an impressive way. I like your style. But choose subjects which may help you better to transmit your messages. The future is yours. Keep on trying.

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Callie Carroll 19 September 2008

Very striking way of expressing your ideas. I especially admire the lines 'His life is nothing but a blink' and 'Libery lies in ashes.'

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allan macli borges

allan macli borges

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