Whisper Poem by Kostas Lagos


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How can you talk to people about God
When you don't hear His voice in the cicadas' singing?
How can you immerse yourself in ongoing prayer
When the melody of crickets doesn't bring you in katanyxis?
How can you leave the world's worries
When you don't envy a snakeskin?
How can you teach about humility and simplicity
When the life of the sparrow seems so strange to you?
Listen to God as He whispers
And stop shouting to others about Him.

Friday, July 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: god
Terry Craddock 05 September 2020

'When you don't hear His voice in the cicadas' singing? ' hearing the soft sound of water whispering, a mountain creek summer day bubbling, the sound of leaves falling; it is so easy to hear the sound of God in nature, much harder to listen to the sound of materialism humanity

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Dennis Ryan 30 January 2019

Excellent point with which to end your poem: listen to God, whoever or whatever He/She is, and stop trying to prostylatize/convert others to your way of thinking.

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Kostas Lagos 31 January 2019

Thank you Dennis! It is the way of life that should convert not the words

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Dennis Ryan 10 March 2019

I've read this poem a second time today, and find I enjoy it even more now. That tells you something!

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Kostas Lagos 10 March 2019

Thanks again Dennis. Still I feel jealous of your poems!

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Doris Cornago 09 March 2022

I keep going back to this poem and finding God manifested in it. ;)

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Listen to God as he whispers! ........Wonderful poem Kostas! A revisit!

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Varsha M 15 July 2021

I think I had put my comment before. But still polished my brain with good thoughts is always good snd healthy.

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Aarzoo Mehek 09 June 2021

Relate to his creation before shouting fir god's attention. He is everywhere find them to find him. Excellent poem.

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M Asim Nehal 06 May 2021

Indeed they are some of the signs for us to ponder on. Excellent poem. Pleasure to revisit.

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