Why Pretend? Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

Why Pretend?

Rating: 5.0

As you distance yourself from truth
You create a rift between you and God
You have to hide your face behind masks
To save the false impression you spread,
To maintain the fake personality you made

You tell a lot of lies to save your face
You do a lot of wrong deeds to outdo many around
Many a truth you hide to uphold your ego and pride
Knowing not the truth that all around you
Know the real you under the guise

Why pretend rich with an empty wallet
Why pretend gentle with vices practiced
Why pretend cultured with meanness inside
Why pretend powerful before the most powerful
Will pretensions help you escape destiny's punishments?

In the world of declining virtues may I ask, 'Why? ' I am much delighted to see this poem included in the best member poems.
Dr Dillip K Swain 27 July 2022

This is truly an excellent poem....I sincerely appreciate the truthful voice that emanates from the core of this insightful piece. Top score! !

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Thank you very much dear Dr. Dillip. If pretension are given due despise false personalities may not pop up

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Thank you so much dear Dr.Dillip. You have really made me confident that maligned viruses are conspicuously spoiling the true face of humanity

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Wonderfully true. Takes a hard look at pretentiousness and exhorts to be truthful. But people who enjoy being vile for short term gains, continue to hide their true countenance under gay masks. Nice poem. Top

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Thank you dear Unnikrishnan. When light falls on the dark face behind masks we feel pity for them and avoid them

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Susan Williams 14 August 2022

you write truth

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Indira Renganathan 09 August 2022

This one poem is enough to brightly reveal the fake face of a corrupt man....extraordinary write in simple words...greatly inspired by this poem....thanks a lot friend....the best poem beyond rating and remarks

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Soran M. H 07 August 2022

pure message and close to humanity has sent through this stunning piece of work, that has to be read by mankind these days is

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Soran M. H 07 August 2022

Why pretend rich with an empty wallet Why pretend gentle with vices practiced

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 05 August 2022

Thank you for sharing this superb poem, which exposes the guile behind the mask.5 stars.

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