Wine And Roses Poem by Heather Burns

Wine And Roses

Rating: 5.0

Lying content in your arms
wrapped in pleasure
the world locked outside
those were the days of
wine and roses

your soft lips brushing mine
enjoying the flavor of your

feeling your heart beat
pulsating next to mine
so secure in your love

Now holding you in my heart
as a precious jewel
recapturing your presence
those were the days
not forgotten

the days of wine and roses.

Adeline Foster 19 August 2013

Yes, a sensitive poem this. Read mine - Everybody Has Had Somebody - Adeline

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Lorraine Colon 19 August 2013

Oh, so evocative. And when it all ends - well, at least we still have the wine.

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Enoch Desewu 19 August 2013

I love this n roses

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Valsa George 19 August 2013

A very sensuous write! In memory you relive those moments of wine and roses and give the readers a glimpse into those private moments! Enjoyed!

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Dave Walker 19 August 2013

A great poem, memories of love are the best ones.

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Alookh (matin) 20 August 2013

oh! haw much deep and soft...haw beautifully u describe the love moments... :)

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Geetha Jayakumar 20 August 2013

Beautiful poem. Emotions are very well expressed.. Loved reading it...

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Unwritten Soul 20 August 2013

Like a card, your title itself sound cool.. it has something suspense when we have it and relief with joy when we read it_Soul

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 19 August 2013

Recollection of intimacy and joy in days together. Beautifully captured. Thank you.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 19 August 2013

who would not remember such moments ah, you too remembered it well and i know we all have wine and roses moments and i will remember you when i remember mine good morning, your poem is a nice thing to carry on the day.

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