**** Woman *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Woman ***

Rating: 4.8

Smiles to the morn
Brighter day enlightens
Clouds sway in tune
Shades you from unpleasantness
The soils you step, baffle
The home you live, enriches
The man you own, humbles

Cries to occasion
Tears dropp unity falls
Hearts stutter
Minds disintegrate
Sad songs kill souls
Add sorrows to pour
Autumn mellows
Spring bestows

Entertainer that provides love
For all ages
Winning the empathy
From all walks of life
Like a placenta
Nourishes the nutrients,
For man to grow
Your crying and laughter
Are the best medicines
Even the moon envies
The shine in you
And the Sun says
“Can you be my next asteroid?
Enriches my deteriorating flames? ”

Every breath you take
A giver of life
No woman no cry
It’s not a lie
When you speak
The world listens
Your voice melts
Attracts mate
Bedroom delightful
Filled with moan…
You’re the Orchestra
Making man…
A King

Children love you
Man adores you
The craving is a blessing
The longing is a pleasing
Your awful scent
Addictive to perceive
Regardless of color
You are one
Regardless of language
You’re the tutor
Words to thrill
Tones to frill

Softness solicits anger
Adoration overwhelms
Taming even wildest man
Climate changes
Reacts to your prayer
Beauty of God
Reflects in you
You are men’s
Other lives

Come what may
Across seven continents
Heart and soul smitten
You’re the sun that shines
On every soul
Like an Expressway
We journey through you
Rain or shine
Even on breakdowns
Hope still looming
Your touch is courage
Move us on
Could we survive?
Don’t even think about it

I, solemnly, dedicate this piece to Carol Rhodes,
and to all women.
Thanks for everything!

Caroline Weeks 11 November 2008

A very flattering portrait of women - their strength, their resilience, and their beauty. My favorite line is hands down is 'even the moon envies the shine in you.' You've thawed a heart long frozen...wonderful work.10 Caroline

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Sydney Love 11 November 2008

great poem! my favorite line is 'the man you own', a strong sense of female power and importance radiates from this poem. Well Done.

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Kesav Easwaran 12 November 2008

a poem well written...well dedicated...women will definetely love this write 10

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Elena Winters 12 November 2008

women woman such a strong powerful word and so is men man....... for man can't live on this earth without women for women can't live on this earth without man......it's divine order you deserve a trillion for this piece.......1000000000000000000000+++++++++++

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Fred Babbin 16 November 2008

Good thoughts, but I would like a construction that didn't sound so prosaic/

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Rayjean Carter 07 April 2009

i feel so loved! wonderful poem. it make women feel good about ourselves.

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Dolan Doran 17 January 2009

I love it...not just because it's a dedicatioin to women, but because it beautiful...it's great...

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Awesome! ! ! ! What a lovely poem for women! ! ! ! I love each line of this poem. Thanks for sharing!

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Sarah Sisson 12 December 2008

Very grand poetry! ! ! ! ! loved this one!

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Sebastine Humaemo 26 November 2008

lovely poem.....10...thanks for sharing...

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