'Yes Or No' Poem by Ernestine Northover

'Yes Or No'

Rating: 5.0

Hey, is there anybody out there?
Watching from a vast planet or two.
Peering silently from afar,
Inside a tiny twinkling star,
With a giant telescope, to see us through.

Hey, is there anybody out there?
Would they be a friend or a foe.
Finding it difficult to convey,
What they really want to say,
Do you think they'd recognise the word, 'Hello'!

Hey, is there anybody out there?
In that huge colossal universe of blue.
Can they reach here in a day,
From so many light years away,
Could they, creep up slow and then jump out on you.

Hey, is there anybody out there?
Ready to touchdown upon our earth.
Do we welcome them right in,
With a big smile and a grin,
Or scarper quick, for all that we are worth.

Hey, is there anybody out there?
'Yes or No' it could be either one.
It would really then tick off,
The many doubters who all scoff,
If the answer turned out 'Yes' that would be fun.

Hey, is there anybody out there?
Of course it's speculation and surmise.
But out there are boundless spaces,
Quite enough for different races.
And we humans will always be keen to analogize.

Hey, is there anybody out there?
Look my way, please, I'm waving at you!

© Ernestine Northover


(Laughing) ....great vision and questions we have all asked, Sorry I cant answer your question! ((smile)) This is a fun piece with great imagery...much thought went into this one.Thanx for sharing your imagination with all of us in such a creative way...... 10/10 Keep up the Great work my friend, Shelley

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 17 October 2006

A splendid write, Poetess E.! Stellar innovation, as well as plain ole, but absolute imagination, that always tickles one's fancy...BEAM ME UP... E. N.! Meanwhile, you get a 'TEN'! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Duncan Wyllie 17 October 2006

This planet has much beauty, we have people, water, food and so many things that some take for granted, it does make you stop and thing of all the beauty in the world Thankyou Ernestine Love duncan XXX

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