You Are Precious Poem by Green Peace

You Are Precious

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Dear beloved teachers, you are as sweet as honey!
Never can we buy your kindness with money.
You care for us from childhood to teenage,
And your love grows by the ages.
You give us light in this big bad world,
Always striving to make us shine like gold.
You teach us languages, social sciences and biology,
You study children's psychology.
From student life to life in college,
You give us valuable, wonderful knowledge.
Your knowledge is like a river flowing
and your enlightened ever glowing,
You convert your words into action
And teach the students some religious foundation
Ever smiling, ever welcoming, ever helping
Ever kind is your face
Whose appearance gives us inspiration in the long race.
You help the poor students in their need
And thus make their life successful by your kind deeds.
The earnest service of you teachers
Never will we forget after your departure
Your teachings are the foundations of this nation
Without which to grave problems like
Ignorance, illiteracy there are no solutions.
So, thank you teachers for your service to us.
Never can you be forgotten by us
'Teachers Day' will come and go
But your importance will never be low.

Koyel Mitra 21 September 2008

Nice poem, an ode to the teachers.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 02 July 2009

really a wonderful tribute the teachers of society who mold the lives of children by imparting knowledge and education..........well penned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Kesav Easwaran 21 January 2009

A sincere tribute to the entire teaching world...'teachers learn student psychology alongside' is a wonderful observation...good piece, Gargi...10

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Vinod Kumar 04 January 2009

A good dedication poem of endless knowledge river, every one had a sweet memories like your teacher, Thank you for sharing.Regards.Vinod.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 September 2008

Lovely.10. In favor of teachers and the student who shows her/his honor to their teachers. Wonderful work it is.

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Anjali Sinha 24 September 2008

wow a great tribute to the great masters +10 lovess anju

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