...Your Meaning To Me Poem by Eyan Desir

...Your Meaning To Me

Rating: 4.3

You are my Queen
The air I breathe
A particle I need
A need that brings me
Down to my knees
The rose I will give my ring.

You are the stars that shines
The flower that beautify
Your smiles delights
The warmth inspires
In the bed satisfy
Your presence electrify
And stimulates my life.

I am but a river
You are my water
A monster, you're my heart
A father, you're my baby
A rainbow you're my colors

Without you I'm a tree
That don't have roots
Roots without soil
Soil without life.

Math's can't calculate
Sciences can't explain
Words can't say
Time is to short
Numbers are not enough
To show my love
You are the world to me.

Copyright © ® Eyan desir. All rights reserved

nature 360 11 April 2009

A nice poem well written and the emotions you show should make your love come to you. If not then consider it Lol to be bad. If one can't impress his or her love how can he impress others. Congrats on a nice write.

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Mohammed Albalushi 11 April 2009

i feel love tune in your poem, lovely poem dear poet

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Joscelyn Alderdice 11 April 2009

This is a beautiful poem, same title as one of mine, lol! I really like the flow.

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This is so meaningful and thoughtful and filled with love. I should think it will break the ice! Great work Eyan. 10 from me.

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Julia Pascual 13 April 2009

i can really see how much the person meant to you.. nice poem.. love it...

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Lady Grace 12 March 2010

i dont know if my words were already written here, but as i read this today, i'll leave again my words..this is sophisticated, so nice and if this is a thing, this is very tidy..i like this poem...ian, i observed, ur previous poems are very excellent...hope the more it is excellent at this present..i like ur works ian...

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Catrina Heart 27 July 2009

lovely written poem...heartfelt one! ! ! 10+++

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Lalitha iyer 21 April 2009

When you meet me, then be Silent......that is enough......

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djean Whitney 20 April 2009

There is alot of difrent ways of looking at it -good work!

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Naidz Ladia 18 April 2009

this is nice eyan..thanks..

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