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It was at some point in late summer in Bromptonville, Quebec Canada, located in the northeastern reaches of North America, in the Western Hemisphere of planet Earth,1976 in which an x chromasome and a Y chromasome from my mother and father, Ginette and Pierre Guillemette, respectively, irreversibly fused, thus creating a small conscious blip in the the radar of the universe...and after naming said blip 'Virginie Helena Marie Guillemette' (those catholics and thier fondness for long nomenclatures! ...) proceeded to do thier best (which is a hopeful statement on my part, not a demonstrable fact) to raise this small creature in the Post-Modern culturally conflicted ambiguously post-hippie decades of the 80's and 90's. This experiment in reproductive and cultural perpetuation has been met with mixed reviews, some deeming it relatively successful, others less so, with the majority expressing a random indifference suitable to those with whom one has little acquaintance and attachment. It has been made known to this person that the question of the relative success/failure of my conscious experience in this universe at this time has become quite questionable, and the very purpose and or justification for this existence has yet to clarify itself in my life. *Note* some of you might have hoped for a comment or two about my process or approach. So here goes; I describe it best like this...the words in me for most of my life were like a deep deep well, and if you had walked ove..
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