! ! I Am At Peace! ! ! ! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! I Am At Peace! ! ! !

Rating: 3.8

I walk along the shore
a faint whisper
I hear from ocean
waves calm after a
violent grimace
Sun dips its parched face
a profound decline
to ocean’s depth
I walk along the shore...
beneath moon beam and
thousands of stars...
and my mind a cistern
brims on hope....
no sorrows I borrowed
from life, no fears
I loaded from life
I walk alone....
tread on earth and night
to rise on a new dawn...
to gaze at a pleasant dawn..
from heaven's shore...
from night to day
I stride on... alone..
and I am at peace...

Ben Gieske 21 July 2008

If only all of us could be taking this stroll with you and being at peace, one and all.

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Kyle Shield Laster 21 July 2008

absolutely fantastic. this piece put me at peace. i love your work! ! so positive and uplifting...

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Janri Gogeshvili 18 July 2008

… The loneliness and unity … is beautiful and is melodious … the reader with you ….10 …

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It is interesting, how certain words we use sound like certain sounds. The words you used sound silent, calm, like a still ocean or tranquil sunrise. Though the sunrise doesn't make sound, I would think so, by reading your poem.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 16 July 2008

yet the colors razzling over the rungs of stance the whisper when impulses the blue........................yet genial bedecking by the metaphors ingeniously, soothing, wellpenned, thanks for sharing

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Antonio Liao 05 August 2008

what wonder the Lord thy God gives us.... a solitute of peace.... even Jesus.... utter the word peace......for the world have a different view of peace... your peace Rema is a peace of the solitute of our soul... thank you

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Ivan Donn Carswell 30 July 2008

Unusual similies and odd usages do not detract from the singularity of this piece; there is a mediative theme which binds it neatly together. Rgds, Ivan

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Vijay Gupta 27 July 2008

fine poem.........................

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Sathyanarayana M V S 24 July 2008

Righteous life brings out right words thatt can correct this world. Fascinating piece.This poem has increased my respect towards you sathya narayana

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Indira Babbellapati 24 July 2008

there's none like one's own self as a companinon...feels good to read...

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