! ! I Am At Peace! ! ! ! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! I Am At Peace! ! ! !

Rating: 3.8

I walk along the shore
a faint whisper
I hear from ocean
waves calm after a
violent grimace
Sun dips its parched face
a profound decline
to ocean’s depth
I walk along the shore...
beneath moon beam and
thousands of stars...
and my mind a cistern
brims on hope....
no sorrows I borrowed
from life, no fears
I loaded from life
I walk alone....
tread on earth and night
to rise on a new dawn...
to gaze at a pleasant dawn..
from heaven's shore...
from night to day
I stride on... alone..
and I am at peace...

Lynda Robson 11 July 2008

There is something peaceful about the sea, and walking along the shore, a lovely poem that brings peace to the reader, Best wishes Lynda xx

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Jeannie Ann Clark 11 July 2008

It is a gift that we can experience peace in such a world fill with turmoil and hatred. This gift God gives to even the ones who hate him. Thank you, with respect. Jeannie. You write well.....

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premji premji 12 July 2008

Rema, After reading you, even I am at peace. *10*

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Original Unknown Girl 15 July 2008

Sigh... lovely medititive poem. HG: -) xx

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Mamta Agarwal 15 July 2008

a lovely soothing poem. i too feel most at peace whenever i am in natural sorroundings. its like meditation. thanks for sharing such a fine poem.10 mamta

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Antonio Liao 05 August 2008

what wonder the Lord thy God gives us.... a solitute of peace.... even Jesus.... utter the word peace......for the world have a different view of peace... your peace Rema is a peace of the solitute of our soul... thank you

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Ivan Donn Carswell 30 July 2008

Unusual similies and odd usages do not detract from the singularity of this piece; there is a mediative theme which binds it neatly together. Rgds, Ivan

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Vijay Gupta 27 July 2008

fine poem.........................

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Sathyanarayana M V S 24 July 2008

Righteous life brings out right words thatt can correct this world. Fascinating piece.This poem has increased my respect towards you sathya narayana

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Indira Babbellapati 24 July 2008

there's none like one's own self as a companinon...feels good to read...

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