Dear Relisher Of Poetry! Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Dear Relisher Of Poetry!

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Pleasant verses like shining stars
Sensing you as very charming
Are attracted to you, the full moon of beauty!
And are with you entertaining you with their radiance;

My verses are apprehensive that they may be dimmed
In their brightness in comparison and are dispirited,
Throw a glance at them, dear
And look at us too, my friend!

Your aesthetic heart like the pleasant butterfly
Sucking honey from many a verse flower
Gets intoxicated and revels in that bliss;

My tender beautiful aesthetic verses worry
Whether they can match the glory
And make you blissful equally or not
And are hesitating to approach you
Take them too into your fold, dear!

And your heart is used to bathe in the streams of enchanting poetry;
Doubting whether their wetness can touch you similarly or not
The flows of my aesthetic verses are becoming summer streams, my dear!

Your aesthetic heart is a tuned veena [1]
And many experts and veterans who are adept
Are singing their poetry playing on the strings of your romantic heart;
Now to claim we too are experts in playing and stir your strings
Is becoming difficult and my pleasant verses are becoming dumb, dear!

You have body as soft as flowers
You yourself are a blooming fragrant flower full of honey;
Around you are scattered beautiful verse-flowers
Which are serving you and are causing pleasantness to you,
Now to shower you with my flowery verses, I am hesitating;

Well-noted and famous poets are taking you to blissful worlds
Through musical rendition and recitation of their poems
And are making you forget everything and absorbed in their verse-reading;
Such you whether my humble verse-singing reaches or not is my doubt, dear!

You are Princess of aesthetic nature
And Queen of pleasantness
Served by verses as your maids;
My verses too are waiting to cause bliss to you
Like your other maids, look at them Oh! Sister of Full moon!

Famous and popular poets are inspired by something, someone or some event;
But only you are the inspiration for my poetry and also its reader, dear!

Others weave poetry for the joy of all
But the fragrance of my verse-flowers is for your smelling only;

Others compose poetry wishing the welfare of the society
But the subject of my poetry in both the senses
Is only you, the nearness, intimacy and love we share;

One thing I declare courageously and daringly with confidence
Hear my dear!
I too am a poet and an expert in imagination
And in the craft of weaving poetry
Equal to any one in the field
And weigh equally with them,
My dear relisher of my poetry!

[1] veena: The veena is a stringed instrument associated with southern Indian carnatic music.

Ramesh T A 03 September 2009

A great promising poem! Fulfil what you say! You will become what you think about you!

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Vanessa Cabrera 11 April 2010

Wow! A great poem. This is beautiful as popular poet did.Spectacular lines and verses.

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Pradyumna Jyotir 19 March 2010

The poem starts on a note of apprehension voicing the poet's doubts.....anxieties and complexes........a common phase which every artist goes through and gradually cascades to a gradual building of confidence.....that his verse are incomparabe.....equal to none. It is this confidence which takes an artist to the next higher plane . My personal belief is everyone by default is just need to do a bit of soul searching.......Thank you Sir for sharing your gifts with us.

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Anand Madhukar 13 September 2009

An excellent write, deep and lucid with a nice flow to the words.

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Supriya Prathapan 12 September 2009

The fear of every artist! ! ! The opinion of the critic/ reader means a lot to the poet. Beautiful poem.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 03 September 2009

A great composition, heartfelt, emotional and exceptional. Poetry be it on nature or social issue, poetry is poetry. 'Thwamevaham, thwamevaaham, na samsayaha'

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Vegeswarapuram, India
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