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I grow,
I struggle,
I am not nurtured,
Nor cared for,

Communication Breakdown,
What’s happening today?
We don’t say what we mean,
And we don’t mean what we say.


How does fear start?
When we are so small,
Fear of being alone,
With our cries we call.

Dream thrower, dream thrower,
Throw me a dream,
Please make it good,
Like strawberries and cream.

I promise,
You are the only one for me,
And though it pains my heart,
To love you,

You've made me aware,
You've opened my eyes,
Never saw things this way,

Ignite my imagination,
Take me somewhere new,
I want to go places,
I want something to do.

I’m sitting in class,
My eyes about to close,
I hope teacher don’t see,
I hope she don’t see me.

A seed has been planted in my heart by you.
It grows and grows, and continues to flourish.
It makes my soul feel like a garden.

Post a few,
Read a few,
Vote on a few,
Comment on a few,

I search a quiet place,
For reverent solitude,
One where I can fix,
My strained attitude.

Oh strange woman,
In your tower of glass,
Why do you watch,
From behind your mask?

Poems do not have to rhyme,
If you don't, it's not a crime.

Thinking of rhymes just takes time,

“What’s inside here? ”
He asks me as he opens a box.
“What does this do? ”
He inquires with anticipation.

There’s scum, filth,
Under the rim,
It has to be cleaned,
It’s looking quite grim.

Close me in a box,
Close the lid up tight,
I don’t need to see,
I don’t need the light.

When two people are in love,
The scales are balanced,
All things are sweet,
That is called Harmony.

Bunny slippers,
Bunny slippers,
Pitter patter feet,
Running down the hallway,

Arafat is dead now,
Let’s all make friends,
Surely now he’s gone,
It’s time to make amends?

I’m not what I seem to be,
Or at least I think I’m not,
Who am I anyway?
I used to like me a lot.

Aisha Sherazi Biography

I write editorials these days, hence the lack of new poems here. Please feel free to check out my blog at: http: // and comment! Its purpose is free and healthy dialogue. As for my poems... Read these words, If you have an open mind, Scroll through the pages, If you are not unkind. My thoughts and feelings, Are here for sharing, But only if you, Are kind and caring. Read my poems, And you will learn more, About who I am, And what I was before. About all my dreams, About all my fears, So only read, If you're prepared, Not to laugh or jeer. The following are my current favourites and a good place to start reading....but of course, the choice is yours :) Boy's Games Butterfly, The Creature of Change and Survival Communication Eyes Faces Island Memories Once Painting Pictures Rent The Stages Of Love And Hate The Wall Around My Heart Waking Up Your Voice)

The Best Poem Of Aisha Sherazi

Butterfly, The Creature Of Change And Survival

I grow,
I struggle,
I am not nurtured,
Nor cared for,
I learn the harsh lessons,
Of Life,

Satisfied in my growth,
Having learnt my lessons,
I gain maturity,
I am ready,
For change.

I build walls,
Around myself,
To protect,
This change,
For change I must.

I hang,
Waiting patiently,
Change must occur,
For what else is left?

I push now,
I am impatient,
I have waited,
Long enough,
It is time.
I’ll show this world,
That I can survive.

One side of me,
Is exposed to the world,
Then another,
Slowly at first,
For I do not wish to shock,
Only to dazzle.

Released am I,
Free to show myself,
In all my glory,
In all my splendor.

For I have changed,
I am now,
Who I’m meant to be,
I am finally me.

So, fear not change,
It comes naturally,
Be brave,
Learn well,
And when,
The time comes,
Be free.

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Will Barber 13 December 2006

Aisha is a national treasure. Durn it, she's Canadian. We could use her in Texas, don't you know? Anyhow, she's one mighty fine poet, eh? Talks about ice-skating and tolerance, eh? I wish she were a Texas national treasure, eh?

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Preeti - is here! 17 August 2006

Aisha is this super talented poet. Every poem of hers talks about varied things, each poem has a grand idea behind it and I love them all! Keep Writing! BTW where have you been? Miss your poems, do post new ones soon! Preets

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