The City Of Sunset And Sunrise Part I Poem by allan macli borges

The City Of Sunset And Sunrise Part I

Rating: 5.0

The City of Sunset

The last sun ray touches the earth and go
Breathings of light turn the sky into
An amalgam of all sorted wavelengths
From red to violet all dissolved colors
As dissolved is the happiness of the day
The coldest night falling overwhelming
All around there’s no light to break it
Darkness frightens our body and spirit
Useless eyes dropp tears on their weeping
The city of sunset has at last taken its place

Winnie Angel 21 March 2009

.....the thought presenting the environ is one of anguish and not of bright colors...but have convey the thoughts clearly...gud one! ..winnie

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Grace Guintos 23 March 2009

love it.. you have a nice piece penned as well.. what do you mean i should not despite? ? i cant understand..

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Tanya Stanford 22 March 2009

Brilliant use of words. Definately paints a picture in one's mind.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 22 March 2009

A deep imagery; good flow of words. Well done.

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Catrina Heart 22 March 2009

Distress flows in this piece, a bit vague on you that reflected your creation. Pity for whatever it is....Thanks

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Chad Robinson 22 March 2009

What? are you in college? Got to be, man. How do you keep coming up with these masterpieces? Keep up the good work, you're gonna be somebody.

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