(.2) Daddy Poem by Amanda Lukas

(.2) Daddy

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Daddy never knew me.
He never took the time.
Never came to birthday parties.
Never recited a nursery rhyme.
Never held my hand.
We never watched 'The Little Mermaid',
never 'Peter Pan'.
He never payed any child support
instead, he pressured Mom to abort.
Wasn't there when his baby cried.
Wasn't there when poor Mommy died.
Wasn't there to see me to prom.
It wasn't his job (he'd left it to Mom!)
Didn't get to know me.
I suppose that he was scared.
I felt as though he didn't want me.
He just felt unprepared.

Isabel elric 30 October 2005

This describes my life and many others keep writing!

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 30 October 2005

Amanda, this is WONDERFUL stuff. The interpretation is not bitter as much as it is factual! Perhaps he is afraid that his absence and ill-behavior has left a mark unforgiving. Sometimes 'Daddy' can make some dumb decisions that aren't easily erased. Maturity has a way of allowing an explanation to be explored. Unfortunately, memories are what they are...MEMORIES! Congratualtions for sharing this with all of us. I agree with Isabel. L

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Simon Whild 02 November 2005

My relationship with my father is and was very different (cf my poem Flying a Kite With My Father) , but nontheless, this poem sang to me of deprivation and made me thankful. Told with a detachemt that belies the message, this poem is a good piece of work that highlights a serious modern problem of absent parents.

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Katie Huntress 04 November 2005

i feel your pain, i have been through that too, but i have met my dad and he hurt me really bad, i know how u feel though, ur not alone. sincerly, kat

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**paris* forever forgotten** 21 November 2008

I agree with duncan. This a poem that every other person could relate to, and I'm one of them. you should check out my poem, Daddy?

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Andre Yates 04 May 2007

This is very deep because this poem is very real to a lot of people including myself. I hope I am never the dad you write about in this poem. If this is about your dad then you should know that he missed out on a special girls life!

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Duncan Wyllie 20 March 2007

Don't learn to hate him, just learn to love yourself more Love duncan X

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Duncan Wyllie 20 March 2007

Daddy has a special little girl with a Big heart and a keen eye for poetic justice Love duncan X

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Uriah Hamilton 28 November 2005

this poem is really painful, I hope you will be alright.

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